Sunday, July 26, 2009

Snickerdoodles 2 ways! Part 2

Hello!! It is Sunday my absolutely favorite day of the week. I must make this post quick because I'm going to go hang out by the pool for a little bit before the sun becomes way too hot. Yesterday I posted the KA snickerdoodle recipe from the KA Cookie Companion cookbook. Which if you haven't checked out, I recommend you do so! It is a great cookbook to own. If you remember from my story my boyfriend is currently in Iraq and with the extremely hot weather they are going through now sending chocolate chip cookies would be such a mess. So I've been refraining myself from sending such cookies that can melt into disaster and been sending more simpler cookies that are sturdy enough to travel and won't be messy upon arrival.

Which brings me to the chocolate snickerdoodle cookie. I found this off of Anna's blog called Cookie Madness when I was searching for cookies I could ship. I figured this be wonderful because it is a chocolate cookie but without the melty mess of chocolate chips. The original recipe comes from Yankee Magazine which you can find by clicking here. When making the cookie I went off of the version Anna posted on her site. In the process of making these cookies I remember them being very dry. I'm thinking I might of packed my flour in a little too much and same for the cocoa powder. I was able to scoop them and roll them into balls, but they were crumbly in the process of doing so. The cookies were delicious straight from the oven. They were warm, chewy softness, great chocolate flavor that wasn't overpowering, and the sugar/cinnamon coating on the outside was just the right touch. Also now that I'm reading the recipe over again, I think I forgot to add the cream of tarter, but I really can't remember since I made these last month! CLICK HERE for the recipe I used from Cookie Madness. 

See they even look dry in the picture, but they did taste very good. If you decide to make these cookies please let me know how they turn out for you!

So when my boyfriend got them he went for them first and he said they were hard as a rock. I was so sad and disappointed. Yeah they were a great cookie to ship because they were hard as rocks!!! I said they would make a good weapon out there and he laughed. I tried. This was the first batch of cookies that were too hard for him to eat. Next time I'm definitely going to put a piece of bread in the bag and see if that works.

So at the recent baby shower I went too I had to take pictures of the cake because it was so cute and huge!! It was made by a good friend of hers sister. She works at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino as a pastry chef, and guess how she started.. WASHING DISHES! I was so amazed and intrigued because I regret not going to culinary school or just taking culinary classes in general. She never did the culinary school, and now she is making cakes for a really nice hotel and casino. So I think I may start washing dishes ;) Check out this cake.

Look at the size of it!! She had so many leftovers that we joked she should freeze it and when the baby comes we will have cake again. Kind of like when couples freeze the top of their wedding cake and a year later try it on their 1 year anniversary! The cake was covered in butter cream frosting. I couldn't believe how much frosting there was, many people just threw it out because it was so rich and buttery! It wasn't overly sweet either. The filling inside the cake though... delicious. She used a yellow cake that wasn't very buttery, it was light and flaky. The filling consisted of fresh whip cream, raspberries, strawberries, and a raspberry jam. It was truly delicious. My best friend and I shared a piece because they were cutting big pieces. She told me she wasn't a fan of fruit in her cake. Well she went to town on the cake! I took a picture after the cake slowly disappeared. hehe
I think more filling would of been nice, 
to suit the amount of cake there was.

Then there was one more cake. We didn't eat it because we didn't think it would taste very good, but it was very cute, so why ruin it??
It was a diaper cake!!! How creative is that?

Well guys it is Sunday and I'm ready for the pool. Enjoy this wonderful day and till next time... Probably be a blog about my upcoming birthday. I decided I'm baking my OWN cake this year!


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Yummy cookies! AND the cake looks awesome!