Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cookies and time for my summer vacation!!

Can't wait to be HERE!!
I just wanted to thank everyone for the birthday wishes!! It means a lot, especially since I'm new to the food blogging world, and I'm beginning to meet a lot of new people through the love of food! I've been doing some cooking, but just no time to blog it. I'm getting ready for my summer vacation and I've been working. So really no time to do what I love! I decided to share a recipe I used back in January when my boyfriend was sent to do PT in California to prepare him for his deployment to Iraq. He was there for 30 days and he had a temporary address. I sent him COOKIES!! Lots of them too. One of them I sent was a recipe I found on Baking Bites called White Chocolate Cherry Cookies. I decided to make these for two reasons. My boyfriend loves dried cherries and these cookies stay fresh and chewy for several days. I knew this be a great shipping cooking. These were one of his favorites I sent along in his care package. If anyone knows someone part of the military I'd recommend these cookies for shipping purposes. Of course if they are in a very hot climate like Iraq then I wouldn't recommend sending them till the weather cools off or omit the white chocolate chips. Click here to get the recipe. I didn't change nothing and when I end up making these again I will follow the same recipe. I would try substituting dark chocolate instead of using white chocolate. That would pair well with the dried cherries.
It made a lot of cookies and I didn't even double the recipe.
I probably won't be making any blog updates while I'm away. I look forward to sharing what I ate and did on my trip! I know I'm heading to Beverly Hills one day with my cousin and we are going to Sprinkles cupcakes. When I'd visit my aunt in Dallas they had a Sprinkles but the line was always out the door!! This time line or no line we are waiting! If anyone has some places I should try out in Huntington Beach or Ventura/Simi/Beverly Hills area please leave a comment!! I'd love to check out the place if there is time. Also on my trip I have to think about what to get for my boyfriend's upcoming birthday. What to send him while he is in Iraq? I can send him the things he needs but for a birthday present? Naw!! He needs something special. So I need some creative ideas. If you have anything cute please share! Until next time, Fallon


Shelby said...

Great looking cookies Fallon AND enjoy your vaca!

Robin Sue said...

Hi Fallon,
Have a fun trip. Does he like to read? They love to get good books. When my hubby was in I sent cake in a jar for his birthday. Bake cake in a mason jar (only fill with batter a bit under halfway so it does not overflow) and while hot place the lid on it and it will seal, long enough to keep it fresh for shipping, then send with a can of frosting and a big spoon for digging in. Mine also liked beef jerky- ususally made it homemade foe him in my food dryer. How about a "Wreck This Journal" a big teen craze but I would love one for myself, good way to have a good laugh and destroy something-he and his buddies may have fun with it!! My hubby also liked a plush rug next to his cot so when he got up his feet touched it instead of the yucky floor. Also a plush towel is nice and maybe a nice satin pillow case to keep his head cool. It's the little touches like that that they love. Good luck girl!

Fallon said...

Thanks Robin!!! The cake in the jar, I like that. I was actually thinking of baking him a cake and sending it but wasn't sure how well that would work. LOL. I like your idea a lot!

I know he constantly has been working and doesn't get any down time. When he gets back to his room he watches his TV for an hour and heads to bed, waking up 3-4 hours later. Plus he isn't much of a reader, that why he has a TV LOL! Thanks for the advice I will probably send you a message to get more details on the cake in the jar!

Karine said...

Have a great vacation!

I love your cookies: they are a great way to pair cherries with chocolate!

Anonymous said...

Wow, those look GREAT!!

catherine @ www.unconfidentialcook.com said...

Love the chocolate-and-cherry combination! Have a great time on your vacation!

Mary said...

Those look yummers!