Thursday, August 20, 2009

Holi- Cannoli

Alright I'm still talking about my trip and will be wrapping it the next time! One night we had Italian at Luggatti's Italian Grill. We never knew this place existed because it was somewhat hidden. When you walk everywhere you eventually find some neat places! The place smelled wonderful from the outside. We knew that we had to try it one night. Being my father use to work in a specialty restaurant catered towards true Italian food, he is a picky eater when it comes to Italian. So I was surprised he was willing to try it. We all ordered.. PASTA! They also have their own pizzeria in the back and it looked/smelled wonderful. We were going to go back to try a calzone, but we ended up forgetting about it. They brought a bread basket to our table with a basil pesto dipping sauce. AMAZING! Best part of the entire meal. It was a Parmesan focaccia bread. Dipped into the pesto was like heaven. I ate most of the bread. hehe! I didn't take pictures of the food because the lighting wasn't the best. Our entrees were huge. My mom order spinach, mushrooms, with a garlic and oil sauce with chicken. My father had fresh tomatoes and basil with shrimp, and I had a variety of vegetables and a garlic and oil sauce with chicken in my pasta. I was somewhat disappointed in my dish. It was under season and I didn't have any garlic flavor!! The vegetables were cooked al dente like the pasta which was a good thing. I never like soggy pasta. My parents enjoyed their dishes though. Unless they were just being nice. ;) We also ordered dessert. I love cannolis. It kind of my boyfriends thing and he got me hooked since I never had one before last year! I always have to try a cannoli from each new place I visit because I've been practicing making my own cannoli filling as well! So it good to taste the different varieties. Good excuse right? ;) They had an interesting cannoli. They called it Luggatti's Holi- Cannoli. This dessert was definitely unique, especially with the list of ingredients it came with. My father was somewhat picky on everything that came with it so we had to special order ours. They topped it with a vanilla balsamic drizzle, which I thought was really interesting but alas I didn't get to try it! We ordered it with the cannoli, spumoni ice cream and drizzle of the caramel sauce. If you click the link above it will tell you what else it came with, plus a list of their other desserts. When I saw it I said, "That isn't a cannoli!!!" The shell was like rolled and baked. It reminded me of pirouline wafers. It was good, but I expected one of those fried cannoli shells! The filling was amazing. I remembered it had a bit of cinnamon and in the shell it had like a lemon essence, not so much orange. As for spumoni, wow I'm not a fan at all! The pistachio was way too sweet for my liking, the cherry had pieces of cherry in it and again way too sweet. Only the chocolate was good, in my opinion! Chocolate is always good though. ;) But it wasn't the cannoli I expected.
It was a nice presentation! Now these are my cannolis and that what I expect!!
Would I eat there again? Probably not. I'm like my father in the sense that I want real, authentic Italian food or I don't want it at all. The cannoli was disappointing too. Time for my afternoon workout!! Have a good Thursday, Fallon


Pam said...

It's too bad you didn't love your dinner. I really like cannolis too but haven't had them in so long.

Proud Italian Cook said...

Fallon, Nothing better than a "real" cannoli! Fortunately,I can get my hands on some good ones here in Chicago!!

Fallon said...

I know!! I was completely disappointed in that cannoli. I must visit Chicago and New York in the next few years. I know it something my boyfriend would like to do since he started me on the cannolis!