Sunday, September 6, 2009

The happiest girl ever!!!

So I had a great conversation with my boyfriend today! He received his birthday package a few days ago and he loved everything in it. If you remember I made On-The-Fence Brownies and called it the "Big Birthday Brownie." I wrapped it up several times with wax paper, plastic wrap and tin foil. Then put it in a strong Ziploc bag. Then I stuck it in the freezer for 2 days right before I was ready to ship it. He said this was one of the best brownies he had and he couldn't believe it was all for him! So sweet. He plans on finishing the entire thing too. I was really happy he was finally able to enjoy a baked good from home since the last few have been rather hard I sent. So I know this was a winner and a keeper for future brownies! I guess the freezing technique worked too. He sound so happy in his voice which puts me at comfort. Looks like he is coming home for 10 days in December around the holidays. YAY! He just brightens my day whenever he says, "I'll be home in a few months babe!" It right around the corner, I can't wait. I just smile and glow thinking about it. I just had to come on and share that tonight. As you can tell my Sunday was AWESOME! I hope everyone else Sunday was just as good as mine. I did some shopping, got myself into trouble buying somethings too. That why I work, to stay out of trouble. I may need to work more though haha ;) Tomorrow I will share the AWESOME dinner I made tonight too. I tried quinoa pasta for the first time tonight, awesome! I will post more about it then. It's 9pm and I'm still super pumped. :) Waking up early and heading to the gym. Thinking 30 minutes on the elliptical and 15 minutes on the treadmill with a light jog before going into work. Goodnight, Fallon


Katrina said...

Awesome that your brownie arrived so far away and still yummy! Glad you got to talk to your BF!
Hey, about the stairs exercise. You told us how much time it took for 80 runs, but you didn't say if it was 3 stairs, 20, or 100. hehe!

Fallon said...

haha!! You got me. You know I'm going back tomorrow because I must beat my time now. This was at a park with a pretty high elevation, I believe there were about 20 stairs altogether? I'll have to count tomorrow. Thanks Katrina!