Saturday, December 5, 2009

Turkey #2

Check out that baby! We were so disappointed in our Thanksgiving turkey that we went out and bought a new turkey. This time we went with a different brand that we have been successful with before. This was a winner winner turkey dinner for several nights! I'm actually not turkey out yet and wish we had some leftovers still. Just a few more weeks and we will pick one up for Christmas to have. Can you say yummy protein?? I love oranges and this year the navel orange crop has been looking rather unappetizing. An orange isn't called an orange for nothing! I don't want a yellow or green looking orange. So I've been opting for different varieties. Like the Satsuma I have pictured above. A bit pricey but worth every bit of it. They are sweet, juicy, and incredibly easy to peel! I usually eat about 2-3 as a serving because they are so small. I got these at Wholefoods. You should try them if you haven't yet. You won't be disappointed. This post was sort of a recap from this week. Just been busy and relaxing. Getting in as much gym time as I can too! I haven't been doing any "exciting" cooking to actually share. I did make some Gingerbread Squares yesterday which I will share with you sometime early this upcoming week. I love gingerbread and thought it helped me get into the holiday spirit! Well not really. I'm just not in the holiday mood at all this year. It is totally weird, but I'm trying. :) My boyfriend should be here Christmas Day. I was talking to him today and said to him isn't that so "clique" that you are in the army coming home on Christmas Day?? LOL. Like a movie. I don't care I'm excited and I know he is too. Maybe he is what I need to get into the holiday mood. ;) One last thing, I have a few new readers on my blog and just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I hope I don't disappoint! Oh yeah... I found the most amazing yoga class on Friday. Too bad I have to work next Friday but I can't wait to try it again. I've never been so challenged in a yoga class before and this is what I need! Have a great weekend, Fallon


++MIRA++ said...

i love just making the stuffing and having it with cranberry jelly all the time, so i completely understand!

Ashley said...

I have been interested in those Satsuma I'm going to have to give them a try!! Thanks! Glad turkey #2 was a success and glad b/f is coming on xmas...cliche or not, that is awesome!

Shelby said...

Your pictures turned out great! I really like your photo of the oranges! Won't be long now before Dec 25th gets here! I'm so happy you will have your BF home for the holiday!