Friday, January 22, 2010

I need your help!

Took this with my iPhone! Not bad huh?
I have a bunch of super ripe bananas and you know what that means. BANANA BREAD! I have my usual recipe from cookbooks I'll resort to when I need it done quickly, like Better and Homes. This time around I want to try a new recipe! So far I've been doing my own searching, but I'm curious what my readers have saved on their computer! Maybe it your own recipe that you swear by and I must try as well if you insist. ;) Here what I have: Baking Bites Basic Banana Bread David Lebovitz Banana Bread or Banana Cake (Now this one is looking real good!) Unfortunately those are the only recipes I've saved for banana bread over the months. I could always use my NEW Joy of Cooking cookbook from Christmas but I'd love to see what you guys have to share! And while I'm asking for banana bread recipes, I could really use your help in the sugar cookie department as well! I want to make the roll-out sugar cookies and use my heart shaped cookie cutters! I'm sending this to my boyfriend for Valentines Day. I really wanted to decorate them with frosting, but with shipping across the country I doubt they would taste "awesome." So I'm just going to top them with red and pink sprinkles! Thank you!! Oh and I just realized it is Friday! Too bad I'm working all the way till Monday :( Fallon

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Shelby said...

Fallon, I'm posting a link to my favorite ever banana recipe :-) I will email you with my favorite sugar cookie recipe!