Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fresh Strawberry Muffins

Hey guys I'm really sorry for lack of posts. Just been really busy, had more computer problems, and too tired to even want to blog anything at the end of the day. I did my best to keep up with reading my daily blogs and leaving comments. I'll be back soon with new posts because I'm missing it already!
Thanks Shelby for letting me borrow your photos ;)
Back in March (yikes has it been that long already?) I mentioned on my blog I was going to help Shelby from The Life and Loves of Grumpy's Honeybunch host a Breakfast/Brunch cooking contest for her E-Recipe club! We ended up with 7 entries and decided it be fun to try them all out. I wish I had more time to test them all as well but I only decided to stick with the 2 that caught my eye. Shelby was more adventurous and tackled every recipe! I went with 1 sweet and 1 savory, which you will have to stay tuned for on those entries. ;)

Today I bring to you a sweet muffin recipe great to have at breakfast mornings and brunch gatherings. Strawberries are in season as of now, and what couldn't be better then adding it to a muffin recipe! Christine from Cooking with Christine submitted her favorite recipe for Fresh Strawberry Muffins. Click HERE to visit Christine and check out her recipe for Fresh Strawberry Muffins! Thanks for sharing Christine! Come back tomorrow and check out the next great recipe!



Bob said...

They look awesome. I have to make these, my girlfriend is nuts about strawberries.

Sook said...

I have never tried strawberry muffins before. They look so moist and delicious.

Shelby said...

Thanks for hosting with me Fallon :o)

Fallon said...

Your welcome Shelby! I'm delighted!