Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kodiak Cakes

Once again another post on breakfast. What can I say it is my favorite meal! I started training a week and a half ago for another 5k on May 1st. Race for the Cure! I'm pretty excited to be doing another 5k this year. It has been rough trying to focus on running and "making" myself run, but I'm setting goals and doing better then ever. Plus after a nice training run I always try to plan a real yummy breakfast! Makes me run just a little bit faster to get to that meal sooner. ;)

If it isn't french toast I want, then it is pancakes. Nothing like homemade pancakes. Just sometimes I don't feel like "fussing" and getting all the ingredients out and making a huge mess. I've been looking for a simple pancake/waffle mix but it had to be 100% whole wheat. Kind of a challenge you think, but it was actually really easy. I saw Kodiak Cakes pop up on several blogs like here and here. Can you say yum? I couldn't wait to order some for myself. 1 serving can make a huge pancake or 3-4 smaller ones for only 130 calories, 100% whole grain, and you just add water. I wanted to add so many toppings like fresh berries, greek yogurt, pure maple syrup and roasted cashews. Which I might add I've been addicted to cashews lately and that's all I want over say ALMOND BUTTER! Crazy huh? I don't know what it is about a roasted cashew but they are delicious.

Beautiful berries! Finally it is their season.

The pancakes came together beautifully. I cooked them in a lightly greased pan with extra virgin coconut oil. As soon as the cakes were bubbling I knew it was time to flip.  

Can you believe I was starting to take pictures and forgot the cashews? 
Now that's more like it. Mmm Cashews. ;)  

When breakfast looks this beautiful I can't help but enjoy every single bite. 

Licked that baby clean!

Until next time,


Bob said...

Breakfast foods are probably my favorite as well. But then again that's something that changes constantly. Heh.

The pancakes look great, I'll have to try out those mixes.

catherine @ said...

Thanks so much for checking in--things are better (slowly but surely), but still not enough time for thinking about cooking and blogging. Love these pancakes!

Shelby said...

Fallon I am loving your new blog look :) I also am loving your pancakes! I'd like the plate clean too!

Anonymous said...

thats funny-I have kodiak mix but have yet to try it and I was thinking today- hey ill try it for breakfast tomorrow!yours looked like they came out good- I am very excited! im thinking some fresh berries and banana plus maple syrup for mine!! oh and you may just want to check out my recent blog post... ;)

Jennifer said...

It was a pancake kind of day for us both! I LOVE Kodiak but its been a while since I came across it! any nut butter on pancakes (and everything) rocks my world! yum!

Proud Italian Cook said...

Fallon, My marathon runner son eats these all the time, he even got me and my hubby hooked. Congrats on running your 5K!!

Katrina said...

Breakfast is my favorite meal, too! Yum.
Love your little "Barbie" pancake next to the big one in the pan. Did you know those little drips are called Barbie pancakes? They are just the right size for Barbie. (A friend of mine growing up used to point those out, so now I always make sure to make some Barbie pancakes, too!) ;)