Friday, May 21, 2010

Shredded Cabbage Slaw with Radishes, Raisins, and Dijon Dressing

Summer is ALMOST here and I couldn't be more excited. Now is the time where people are throwing BBQs and everyone going out on vacation. The last thing anyone wants to be doing is working, but life can't always be that peachy. Not only do I love summer and this time of the year, but I like the fact that I crave foods that aren't as heavy and are much lighter. I always want salad and fruit. Okay and the occasional frozen yogurt or ice cream ;).

I like all types of salads, even coleslaw as well. I like when the cabbage has soaked up the dressing and everything is just perfect. Makes the perfect side dish for those BBQ nights. I found this recipe on Martha Stewart's website for Shredded Napa Cabbage Salad with Radishes, Golden Raisins, and Dijon Dressing. I like this recipe a lot because most coleslaw salads have a mayonnaise base dressing and I'm anti-mayonnaise, so the dijon dressing was a winner in my book. I made a few adjustments like usual. First of all I've been a total bum and didn't want to shred napa cabbage, so I picked up a bag of regular cabbage already shredded and mixed in some broccoli slaw. I found a white balsamic vinegar because I couldn't find white-wine vinegar.

Just like I couldn't find golden raisins, so I used normal Thompson seedless raisins. Other then that this recipe was very delicious with the adjustments I made. It was sweet, crunchy, tangy with a bit of heat. It was so good the next day. I had it with teriyaki chicken, baked sweet potato and baked beans. YUM! I will be making this salad again and again!

This salad was absolutely beautiful. Love the grainy mustard!

Click HERE for Shredded Napa Cabbage Salad with Radishes, Golden Raisins, and Dijon Dressing.



Nan said...

I love any slaw recipes! The regular cabbage had more crunch than the napa, and was cheaper...two good reasons for me to use regular cabbage. And, I hated radishes as a child, but they appear so much in recipes, I tried them sliced very thin in a salad and they disappeared but gave the salad more punch. So I'll use the radishes here, too.

Fallon said...

I love radishes! I hear they are really good roasted but I haven't done it yet. They are just too good raw.