Thursday, June 17, 2010

Famous Apple Pancake

Breakfast if you don't already know is my favorite meal. I love a quick breakfast or a decadent breakfast. It all just depends on what mood I'm in. Eating breakfast out is definitely a treat, and something I always look forward to. Our last day of our vacation was leaving San Diego to head back to Vegas. I noticed a diner called Ricky's near our hotel with, "World Famous Apple Pancake" on their front windows. I've had tried many varieties of an apple pancake or dutch baby. Most good but never had I tried a world famous apple pancake! I'm glad we didn't drive around to find a breakfast place because this family restaurant was a great find, and a place I'd have breakfast at again. My boyfriend and I decided we'd split 2 dishes. I wanted some eggs with the pancake. He doesn't have a big sweet tooth like me, so it was a good idea to split since he still wanted to try it. He ordered an omelet with spinach and mushrooms. They came with hash browns (really good) and toast. As you all know I ordered the apple pancake! Our waitress warned us of the 20 minute wait for the pancake but that didn't bother us. We were too busy playing on my iPhone to realize how long it was taking. Plus he was showing me how to try to "read" a map. Good times! LOL This was by far the best apple pancake ever. I knew it would be huge. It was pretty sweet but nothing I couldn't handle. The pancake part was light and fluffy like a souffle. I loved that they used real apples and not that canned stuff. I had chunks of red apples, I'm thinking they were fiji, with their skin on. Delicious! The topping was covered with brown sugar and cinnamon that melted from baking in the oven to form a delicious crust on top. I'm not ashamed to admit that I left about 1/8 of the pancake. My boyfriend had 1/4 of it. I made sure not an apple was left behind. If anything I have something to look forward to when I visit San Diego again! It just causes me to have to workout twice as hard. ;) I tried to see if they had a website, but they do not. So I found this awesome link instead that you can click HERE to see. Have a great weekend! Fallon

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