Monday, August 23, 2010

Banana Cupcakes with Honey-Cinnamon Frosting

Ever since my birthday I've been in the baking itch for cupcakes. I want to try different flavors and make delicious frosting. Which means I must bake cupcakes and try them. Isn't that horrible? ;) 

I decided I need to own Martha Stewart's Cupcakes. I must put that on my list of cookbooks to buy! Being not the cupcake baking expert but definitely at eating I went on my Google search for cupcakes. I also had a specific ingredient I wanted to use. Bananas. I have TWO bunches of bananas in my freezer right now. My mom likes to go a little crazy with the grocery shopping when it comes to produce. There is just so many bananas I can eat. Therefore they head into the freezer for future baking projects.

I found two recipes during my search but went with the one that had a deliciously different frosting. Thank you Martha Stewart! These cupcakes were the bomb! So moist, light and full of banana flavor. The honey-cinnamon frosting was the best pairing for these cupcakes. Very creamy and smooth. I didn't use as much powdered sugar because I wanted the honey to be the star. I also loved the very pale tan color the cinnamon made, almost like a natural tint for frosting! 

I split the dozen cupcakes so my dad would enjoy them as well because he does not like frosting! Hello that is the best PART! So his were baked with a banana on top. He ate all the cupcakes within one day and said he really enjoyed this banana recipe. As for my leftover cupcakes, I ate one and 1/2 cupcakes. There was one lonely cupcake left and I wanted my dad to have it, so I cut the top part off with the frosting and saved him the bottom part. I wasn't letting no frosting go to waste!!

I love the simple garnish because it tells you what the main ingredient is in the cake

Click HERE for the Banana Cupcake recipe. Click HERE for the Honey-Cinnamon frosting recipe.

You also have to check out this link because it is a list of the 50 Best Cupcake Recipes on the Internet. Enjoy!! Fallon PS: Don't forget about the giveaway I'm hosting! You have till this Wednesday by Midnight to submit your entries!



Katrina said...

I LOOOOVE banana anything. My husband doesn't like frosting (at all!) either. Crazy, crazy men!
The cupcakes looks de-lish!

Shelby said...

Your cupcakes look so yummy! I am very sorry I missed your giveaway! I haven't been around much the last few weeks.

Unknown said...

wow these look awesome and I love the banana slice as a topping as well!!!