Monday, August 30, 2010

Blueberry-nana Smoothie

If you love smoothies then this is the smoothie to make. It is filled with blueberries, bananas, flax, coconut oil and milk of choice! If you can make it thick enough I'd recommend adding some granola to the top for crunch and eating with a spoon. Why? Well that is the only way I'm enjoying my smoothies lately. ;) A while ago I subscribed to a newsletter for a cookbook called ThinkFood. It is a collection of brain fitness recipes submitted from food bloggers in collaboration with Posit Science. One day this lovely recipe for Blueberry-nana Smoothie appeared in my in box. I had all ingredients on hand and made it that very moment. I've been using my free bullet I received a few months ago and it is finally starting to grow on me. It works well with this smoothie. It gives me the smoothie consistency I want. Thick and creamy!

My favorite part of this smoothie was the coconut oil! Little chunks are dispersed through the smoothie and adds texture and smoothness. You can't taste the coconut. I didn't have flax oil but adding a tablespoon of golden flax freshly ground gives the smoothie a delicious nutty taste. I'm always craving this smoothie now. So refreshing for a light breakfast or after a sweaty workout! I like to add a little granola on top and eat with a spoon. Need a little more protein? Add a scoop of your favorite protein powder. A scoop of amazing grass wouldn't hurt either. ;)

Blueberry-nana Smoothie (From Thinkfood)
Serves 1

1 cup milk (I used almond milk)
1/2 frozen blueberries (Frozen organic wild blueberries for me)
1 banana
1 tbsp coconut oil
2 tsp flaxseed oil
4-5 ice cubes

Combine the first 5 ingredients into the blender. Add the ice cubes till desired consistency. Pour into a glass and enjoy!



Shelby said...

Great job Fallon! Looks yummy to me!

Pam said...

It looks great! About anything with blueberries works!