Monday, August 9, 2010

Red Corn

My family loves corn during the summer. Right now you can buy six corn on the cobs for $1! We go through corn a lot. It is a great snack and just goes well with summer barbecue. We usually go for the white corn variety, boiled minus the salt, pepper and butter. We feel it doesn't need any of that!! Sometimes we also like to grill the corn wrapped in tin foil. Taste delicious. I took a trip to Wholefoods since I'm on a mission to find new Larabar flavors. Can you believe Las Vegas still doesn't have them? I see them all over the blogs and I'm so jealous!! Hurry up and get here already ;). After walking with my head down in shame because I didn't get the new Larabar flavors I headed over to the produce section to pick up some organic bananas, when I spotted a unique looking corn. Red corn. It was only .69 for one, so my mom and I picked up three. That way each of us could try one.

The corn was absolutely beautiful. The ends were white and faded into a beautiful red. It almost looked like it was for show. Here is a better description on red corn and how it gets its color. While shopping I decided I should ask a produce person how to prepare the corn. They told me to grill it and not to boil it. Well I learned the hard way. Sometimes you should just ask more questions. Lesson learned. LOL

Along with the corn I did steamed broccoli and chicken breasts marinated in Soy VayVeri Very Teriyaki sauce. The corn was taking a while to cook, while everything else was done. At one point it was almost 25 minutes and I didn't want to burn the corn anymore. I took it off and covered it for the steam to cook it through some more. It "seemed" done.

My mom took a bite out of hers first and said it was different. Kind of crunchy and not very sweet. It had a denser texture in the mouth. I took a bite and right away I could tell it wasn't cooked! Now what? Boiling the corn would cook it quicker, although the guy said not too. I didn't want to waste beautiful corn so we stuck it in a pot and finished our meal.

Blisters, ouch ;)

Well... I wish the guy told me why I shouldn't boil it because the beautiful red color it once was, turned into a reddish brown. I didn't take photos because it wasn't pretty! It was something I couldn't stomach to eat because of how it looked. That night my dad actually ate his corn and said it was good. I'm surprised he even touched it because he is rather picky! I tried half the next day and it was sweet but very chewy. It wasn't soft like typical white corn, and definitely had more give to the kernel. Would I buy this again? No! It was just something new to try and interesting. Have you ever had red corn before?

Always, Fallon

PS: Stay tune for the new KITCHEN!


Katrina said...

Hmm, I haven't seen red corn before, just the Indian kind for decoration. Interesting.
My chef friend, Paige, (
did a recent post about roasting corn in the oven. Just throw them in the oven with the husks on and bake for 20 minutes. I've done it a number of times now with perfect corn and not having to boil water. That said, not sure how the red corn would do. The hair even comes right off.

Shelby said...

I've never had it before! I am making regular sweet corn from my parents garden tonight!

What larabar flavors are you looking for? I just bought a ton of them yesterday. They are on sale here - I would be willing to send some to you! Email me :)

Bob said...

I've never seen that before, but it looks great. Too bad it didn't turn out for you. said...

I've never seen red corn that wasn't Indian corn. How cool!


Chef Dennis Littley said...

I have never seen corn like that, I will have to go to whole foods and try and find some!!