Monday, September 13, 2010

Harvest Wine Fest 2010

While visiting my boyfriend during Labor Day weekend he mentioned to me that we were going wine tasting in Las Cruces, New Mexico called Harvest Wine Festival. There is usually nothing really "cool" to do near El Paso, so I was really surprised he told me we were going wine tasting. It is only about an hour or so drive to get there. This was my first wine tasting event. It was a lot of fun and even more fun when you are with a GOOD group of people. All the wineries were local from New Mexico. I prefer red wine over white. Well being the event was held outside it was a bit warm, and I decided to switch to white wine for the chill factor. Then it was all about the wine slushes from St. Clair Vineyards. I had found a Pinot Noir I liked from Blue Teal. They were the only ones sampling Pinot Noir. Next I tried sampling Shiraz from a few vendors. They were too spicy for my taste. This is when the heat started getting to me. I sampled a very interesting white wine called Girls Are Meaner from Wines of the San Juan. It was semi-sweet Gewurztraminer (click here to read about Gewurztraminer) with a rose petal spice. Let me just say, I don't care much for white wines, but Girls Are Meaner was REALLY good. My boyfriend SIL couldn't believe how good it was either. After all that, the wine slushes were calling my name. They were a lot of fun but a bit too sweet for my taste. They were good at cooling me off at that point in time! Along with wines, I was able to sample a lot of goodies. Like goat cheese spreads, homemade pastas, dipping oils, honey, and sugar cinnamon almonds/pecans! They had junk food vendors too like cheesecake on a stick, foot-long hot dogs, Mexican specialities, funnel cakes, lemonade stands, etc. I couldn't help myself and bought some amazing pasta and the sugar cinnamon pecans! Of course my boyfriend wanted a foot-long hot dog. ;)
I love nuts!
The best flavored pastas I've ever tried!
I'd love to do this again, it was a blast! It definitely has open up my wine tasting buds and I look forward to finding local events in my area. Love, Fallon PS: I also updated my recipe page over the weekend and it is now all up-to-date!

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