Monday, September 6, 2010

Mother's Market and Kitchen

Along with my trip to Huntington Beach, I always look forward to the farmer markets. In Las Vegas our markets are basically not "local" and the produce is poor quality. In California the produce is local, sometimes organic and always looks really fresh. I always try to bring home some produce to enjoy. Well this time around I was not impressed with the farmer markets in town. Produce was VERY expensive. I'm not one to be cheap but usually farmer markets are a good deal for the quality you expect.

I've never seen a GREEN watermelon,
but so red and juicy once we cut into it.

I don't remember where I was but I ended up having a great conversation with lady in a local Wholefoods. She was testing out a new vegan protein. She told me I'd love Mother's Market and Kitchen. Even better, this market was less then a mile from my hotel! It was like a Wholefoods but with better prices! The produce was all local and organic. We picked up some awesome fruits and vegetables to bring home. Like watermelon, gala apples, avocados, nectarines, and heirloom tomatoes. Everything was DELICIOUS! This was also my first time trying heirloom tomatoes. I've always seen them for $5.99 a pound and I just can't afford that. Well Mother's was selling them for $2.99 a pound. I couldn't pass it up!
I made a delicious heirloom tomato salad with them. I wanted them to be the star of the salad, so I kept it simple. I used salt, pepper and thyme. As for dressing I used Garlic Gold Oil. You must find Garlic Gold Oil and purchase it. It will change your life. This is all I use as dressing on salads now. A little goes a long way. I've seen it at Wholefoods and online. Get it!

I let the heirloom tomatoes marinate with the seasonings and oil. I took some plain butter lettuce, red/yellow quinoa, cucumber, and a goat cheese medallion to top it off. Drizzled some more Garlic Gold Oil and licked the plate clean when I was done. The BEST salad ever. The heirloom tomatoes were very good. I loved the how the one looked like a watermelon. It was a light, summer meal to have after being on vacation for a few days.

In a way I'm sad to see summer go because I'm going to miss a lot of the great fruit and vegetables. Although I am looking forward to cooler temperatures and my favorite squashes like spaghetti and butternut squash!  

Have a Happy Labor Day!

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Pam said...

The watermelon looks perfect and so juicy! Your salad looks healthy and delicious - I love heirloom tomatoes.