Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Run For Your L.I.F.E 5k Race and 1 Mile Fun Run

This past weekend I completed my 3rd 5k race with my mom! Run For Your L.I.F.E (Leadership. Integrity. Fitness. Education.) 5k Race. I was a bit worried about this race because I tried a new workout that required us to do A LOT of squats this past week. My legs were gone, so sore and fatigued. Well after this new "exercise" which I will tell you about another day, the next day I decided I needed to warm my legs up with a light jog. I didn't struggle and completed my jog. Then it all went down hill. My legs were killing me!! I felt old LOL. I stretched and stretched. I couldn't wait for my favorite yoga class and even yoga didn't help my legs. I always take the day off before a race from working out. I was hoping that on race day I would be GOOD! Well I woke up, not as sore as I once was but still sore. I stretched before heading out to the race.

I did something different this time around, that I didn't do with the last 5k runs. This time I didn't stress myself out to get in some practice runs. I did what I did. I didn't stress myself out with trying to set a goal. My goal was to just to complete the race regardless of time. Lastly, I ate very lightly before the run. Half a Clif bar it was. Usually I have toast with PB and banana but I decided to change that. With these 3 changes, this was my BEST race yet! Even though I felt this was my best race, my time was a few seconds slower but I felt great.
Getting my game face on!

The course was rough. It had a lot of hills and I'm not use to that terrain. Plus tons of stinky sewage I kept passing through and trying not to breathe in but that was hard! I kept going even if I slowed down. I did stop once, but 15 seconds later I got back to it. My official time was 31:50. Considering I didn't get in as many training runs as I liked and having super sore legs, I did pretty well! My FAVORITE part about this 5k was the free massage I received afterward. It was epic! The weather outside was gorgeous. It was the best 20 minute massage ever. I'm so glad I decided to get the massage because she really loosen up my muscles. The next day I wasn't sore at all! The free massages were sponsored by the Nevada School of Massage Therapy. I found out they give hour massages for $32. I think I'll be getting massages more often now!

My appetite has been pretty non-existent recently after working out. All I want is water and coconut water if available. I was able to kill time with my massage and check out some of the vendors. Eventually I was ready for some coffee and almond butter! I packed up my own snack to bring because it is just easier and cheaper! My mom didn't want a massage (Isn't she crazy??) so we headed to one of our favorite hangouts, Starbucks. She got a hot coffee and I had a nice iced coffee unsweetened, with half and half. I brought the following:

It was delicious and just what my body wanted! We enjoyed the beautiful weather outside before heading home. Sadly my mom had to go to work and I was heading to a friend's house for her daughter's first birthday! Here are some questions that I will answer later. Is running really worth it? Is it doing anything good for my body? Have you completed any races lately? How did it go for you? Do you want to continue to run or are you looking to find a new activity? Here are the official race photos! Should I buy them? They are a bit pricey but I really like the ones where I'm smiling and my hands are "almost" raising the roof! I was smiling because I was .10 from the finish line!

What do you think?

See you soon with... ENCHILADAS!


PS: I’m having a difficult time formatting my posts with blogger. I recently downloaded Windows Live Writer and I hope this will make it easier for me. I’m constantly fighting with blogger and it is so stressful. I want my blog to look nice, not like I put it together in less than 5 minutes. So please bare with me, while I get over this bump! Thanks.


Robin Sue said...

Great race Fallon and love that fact that they were giving free massages, nice! I am really getting into coconut waters and just found some for $1.49 at my Trader Joe's 50 cents cheaper than anyone else!

Fallon said...

Hmm.. I don't ever remember seeing coconut water at Trader Joe's. I'll have to see if my local TJs carries it. Thanks!!