Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow Days and Shopping with CSN



I never thought I’d see a snow day in El Paso of all places! This past week has been crazy with the below freezing temperatures. Really El Paso? The snow has kept me in the house cooking, eating, reading and playing video games ;). I feel for the kids that can’t go outside and play. If they had a wooden swing set, I’m sure it be a bit chilly to sit on. Good thing there are many more activities to find in the house to do. One of my favorite activities to do when I can’t go outside is being able to shop online! Recently I was contacted once again by CSN Stores to do a review of an item of my choice. I’ve spent hours browsing the kitchen and dining tab on their site. What will I order?

Maybe this Cuisinart ice cream maker?


Or Pyrex 4 piece bakeware set


Or a Le Creuset baking dish set.


Hmm decisions, decisions!

Leave me a comment telling me what you think I should order!



Kelly said...

Ice cream maker, no question!

The Food Hunter said...

Don't you just love CSN. I say go with the ice cream maker.

Shelby said...

I agree. Without a doubt. The Ice Cream MAKER! :0)

Amy said...

I say go with the icecream maker. You have wanted one for the longest time!!!:)

Katrina said...

ice cream!!!