Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Our New Temp Table.

This cooler has been very helpful with our move. At first it kept our water cool during our roadtrip, along with homemade sandwiches to eat on the road.

As soon as we found our new home (apartment) this cooler became an elevated stand for my laptop so we could watch dvds.

Then last night the coolest thing happen. I complained how I was tired of eating my meals on top of a kitchen counter. I always eat sitting down, FYI. My boyfriend grabs the cooler and places it where eventually a table with chairs will be placed. I finally ate dinner without hunching over and making a mess!

I sit here now eating my lunch, Indian style and I'm so freaken happy!

1 comment:

Robin Sue said...

That is a perfect table! We ate off of cardboard boxes when we moved in, such a drag!