Saturday, May 21, 2011

Red Sauce


I am here today to share my red sauce recipe with you. It still needs tweaking but my boyfriend told me it isn’t a bad start. Score! His mother makes one of the best red sauces. He always tells me that it has to have Italian sausage and beef ribs. That is how you get the flavor and to make a great red sauce for spaghetti, lasagna, parmigiana etc. I then told him I’m not his mother and It won’t ever taste exactly like hers but I will do my best. I made sure to make plenty, so I’d have enough for several meals. I made so much I ended up putting some in the freezer!


Mason jars work beautifully for homemade sauces. I used a smaller jar for the sauce in the freezer.

I had a hard time finding beef ribs at the store and didn’t feel like driving all over the place. I decided to just go with the Italian sausage. As for sauce making I had exchanged emails with the Proud Italian Cook. Her food always looks so wonderful, fresh and vibrant. She knows her Italian cooking and she gave me a simple guideline to follow. Many people will add carrots and celery to their sauces but she kept it very simple with the use of onion, garlic, San Marzano whole tomatoes, olive oil and salt.

I know next time to get the sauce just right with the addition of beef ribs and I finally was able to find them at the supermarket! Until then we have plenty of red sauce for several more meals! Who wants to come over for dinner? ;)

Fallon’s Red Sauce


Ingredients (I had almost 7 lbs of tomatoes, so I’m not going to list actual amounts since I kept adding more)

Italian sausages

Garlic (I used a whole bulb for 7 lbs tomatoes)

Sweet onion (Approx. 1 1/2 onions chopped)

San Marzano tomatoes

Dried oregano

Salt (For every 28oz San Marzano tomatoes add 1 tsp salt)

Black pepper

Sugar (optional)

Olive Oil


In your largest pot, add olive oil on a medium heat setting. Add the sausages to the warm pot and cook up till nicely seared and releases any extra fat. Have a large plate with a paper towel ready to set semi-cooked sausages on.

In the mean time, chop your onion and garlic. Once the sausages are browned, place on paper towel plate and add in half your garlic and all the onion. Add more olive oil and sauté till onions are translucent. Lower heat to medium- low and add the tomatoes. Squeeze each tomato into the pot and remove access stems/seeds. Then add the remaining liquid from the can. Turn up the heat to medium- high and stir. Once the mixture starts to bubble add in the remaining garlic (I threw some whole cloves in), oregano and salt. Stir and wait till it boils. Next put the Italian sausage back into the sauce and cook on low/simmer. Keep covered with a lid to avoid splattering and stir every 10-15 minutes.


Don’t worry about keeping your kitchen clean, I had tomatoes everywhere!

Taste the sauce, too acidic add a little sugar. Balance the flavors out with salt and pepper. I added red pepper flakes to add a little heat to the sauce. Cook for at least 2.5- 3 hours before serving and making sure the sausages are fully cooked. Otherwise cook all day to really let the flavors marry into each other.

Nothing like a big plate of pasta and a green salad on the side!




How do you make your red sauce?

Buon Appetito,


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Tessa said...

Red sauce is always so much better when you make your own. I like the idea of making a lot. It makes it as convenient as canned sauce! I have something for you over on my blog :)