Wednesday, July 15, 2009

FINALLY it is here!!!

What is here? Well one of the best creations ever. I first discovered PB2 on The Daily Plate forums. It is made by a company called Bell Plantation, Inc. It is a powdered peanut butter and has 85% less fat than your typical peanut butter. For more nutritional information click here. Click the pictures from the link and they will give you more information about their products. Now, will this ever replace real peanut butter for me? Of course not. I still used natural peanut butter for sandwiches, celery and just a spoon dipped in the jar. I love the fattiness of nut butters to not completely give it up, only if I had too! The powdered peanut butter is great for other things like in my protein shakes after I work out, as a lower fat frosting for brownies, and a dip for my frozen bananas. You can even make a Thai peanut sauce out of it as well. This stuff is amazing, and has many possibilities. I've been using it for over a year now and I just got my new shipment today. This time I ordered their new chocolate PB2. Haven't tried it yet, but chocolate anything makes me very happy! They are a great company. I haven't had any problems with them or with the products itself. I'd recommend it to anyone who loves peanut butter. All you do is take 2 tablespoons or 12g of the PB2 and mix it with water. Depending on what consistency you want either thick to thin, I like about 3 teaspoons of water. It is slightly thick but not super thin, just right. It my favorite snack with frozen bananas! Check out their website by clicking here. Order it. You will love it!!! Come back Friday night, I'm making those famous mini cupcake bites from Bakerella for my best friend's baby shower!! See you soon, Fallon


Pam said...

I've never heard of this before...I am off to check out their website. Thanks!

Katrina said...

I bought a jar of PB2 a few months ago--it IS great for lots of things, especially throwing in with the protein shakes/smoothies.

Fallon said...

Hey Guys!! Thanks for leaving a comment. I'm so excited!!

Pam: You will not be disappointed with the PB2. Let me know if you decide to order it!!

Katrina: Isn't it great in smoothies? I love it in my chocolate shakes with a banana in it!

Shelby said...

Looks like an awesome product! I love peanut butter too so I'll be looking to try some of this!