Friday, July 17, 2009

100 Cupcake Bites Later

WOW! I'm so exhausted. I'm hosting my best friend's baby shower tomorrow and all the last minute stuff just piles on up. Today we made mini cupcake bites for people to take home. I found these over at Bakerella. When I first saw them I knew I had to make these for my best friend's baby shower. They are so cute! They are really easy to make, but so time consuming. That why I made my pregnant friend help me out with them. LOL. In return I made her lunch, chicken caesar salad! We both enjoyed making those cake balls! It was also great bonding time. I don't get to see her very often because we are both busy with our own lives. She is married and now has her first son on the way, so who knows when we will ever get this one on one bonding time again!
I decided to keep it simple and just use boxed cake and packaged frosting. It was enough labor just putting the cupcake bites together. The mommy to be requested her favorite, yellow cake. YUM! I loved the buttery smell. Then we used cream cheese frosting to mold it altogether because well cream cheese is the best! We spent about 4 hours in the kitchen making the cake balls to assembling them into goodie bags for the guest to take home.We ended up with about 100 cupcake bites altogether, give or take a few we sampled. We have to make sure they are safe for others to eat. That is always my excuse. ;) Tomorrow is the baby shower and I'll be taking ton of pictures. So I'm sure I will share them with everyone soon. I'm really excited that this is my first baby shower I get to host, along with our friend Shannon. I didn't realize how much work it takes to plan everything, organize everything, and make sure we have everything we need. But it was worth it in the end!!

It is an army of cupcake bites! I love all the different 
variations we came up with. It looks so cute!
The goodie bags we made. Aren't they cute? 
We also added a butter mint to the bag. Those are addicting. :)

I can't really explain how well they tasted because they were fabulous. The yellow cake really is delicious. I think it is the buttery flavor and the sweetness from the chocolate that make them really a great bite of cake to eat. Of course it is impossible to only eat one! Please check out Bakerella's blog. She deserves it! Thank you for sharing your cupcake bites.

Have a great weekend,

**EDIT: I forgot to share, M= Mason!**


Shelby said...

I love the ideas Bakerella gives us! I have made her cake pops and my student worker made them for a presentation at the end of the year last year. They are the cutest things!

Congrats to your friend! I look forward to the pics!

Fallon said...

Thank you!! She reads this blog so I'm sure she will see this comment.

Bakerella is so crafty, I'm definitely glad she is around to share her ideas!

Pam said...

Soo cute and clever!

Katrina said...

Great job on the baby shower. Yum to the cuppy bites!