Sunday, July 19, 2009

The baby shower is done!

I survived hosting my first baby shower. I'm glad it is over with though. At the end everything went together well. You won't believe what happen to me yesterday morning with the food situation though. We decided to have BJ's Restaurant cater in our food. We were having around 23 people at the shower and decided it be less "stressful" to just order in pizza, salad and pasta. The deal was good with the amount of food we were getting. I went into the restaurant 3 weeks ago to place my order and the "manager" took everything down and quoted me some prices and everything went well. He took my phone number down and told me it be ready for me at 3pm on the 18th. So Friday night (17th) I never got any phone call, shouldn't he call to remind me? It was too late to call Friday, so Saturday morning the day of the shower I called. I get the general manager on the phone. He went to check my order. Guess what? IT WASN'T THERE!! I started flipping out, I said I have a party at 3:30pm today and I have no food. He told me he would put in my order and it will be ready for me. He will take care of it. He was truely sorry about the matter and will talk to the other manager. There more but I won't go into detail. Long story short, we had food for the baby shower. Imagine if I never called and just assumed it would of been ready? I'm so glad I decided to call. In the end I don't think the BJ's quality is as good as it use to be. Their pizzas have become extremely greasy and their flavors are just blah. I really enjoyed the fettuccini alfredo with grilled chicken and their house salad. The pizza though not like it should be, and they are known for their thick crust pizza! I'm thinking it just my restaurant because in California their food is great! No pictures of the food, I just wasn't happy with the quality, but I'm glad it worked out for the party. So that was my rant. What a way to start my day! I took some pictures from the shower to share! I didn't take much because as a host I had other duties. Her aunt and mother took enough pictures though! I haven't been cooking, today was leftovers and probably for the next few days. I'm house sitting and working this week, plus keeping up with the gym. I like to stay busy!! But if I make something I will be sure to share!! Now on with the pictures!
Me, Mommy to be, and the other host! I should of wore my glasses. Our table set up. See the cupcake bites? Plus tons of butter mints! Those are the best. Nothing Bundt Cakes!
The mom requested cinnamon swirl bundt cake. Look at all that cream cheese frosting, mmm!
Here was my slice. Excuse me where is the swirl? This wasn't my favorite flavor, there wasn't enough cinnamon swirl! But the frosting was good!
Look at all those presents!!!
..and more presents! She really lucked out. She got some great gifts!
Well I'm finishing up my last load of laundry and I'm about to go veg out. I'm even lazy where I don't even want to make dinner. How bad is that? LOL I just want to say good luck to the new mommy and I can't wait to spoil Mason!! Always, Fallon


Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by, and please do come back. So happy to find your site!

Fallon said...

Thank you. I do view your site frequently. Many of the dishes you share bring back memories for me because my father is European. So I've tasted many of those dishes from growing up!