Thursday, July 23, 2009

In N Out Burger.. my way!

Have you ever heard of In N Out Burger? You probably only heard of it if you live on the west coast or visited the west coast. It is a great fast food joint that has a very small and simple menu. I definitely recommend it if you ever come towards the west coast! I'm not a big fast food eater, but In N Out Burger is definitely worth it. They use all fresh ingredients, never frozen. They have their own style with something they called a spread. It basically a thousand island dressing, but it taste amazing on the burger. My boyfriend loves In N Out Burger. They have something called a double double, but he orders a 3 x 3 instead. Yes 3 hamburger patties!

They also have a "special" menu. Which includes a grilled cheese (bun, veggie and spread with melted cheese), veggie sandwich (no burger, no cheese), protein style (no bun, wrapped in lettuce), and animal style (fried onions and melted cheese). A while ago I was craving something I use to eat from In N Out. It was french fries animal style. The fried onions and melted cheese on top of onions, dipped into their spread. Delicious! So I decided to make my own spread up because that what made the fries animal style so delicious. I'm not a mayonnaise fan, so I substitute Greek yogurt for anything that calls for mayonnaise. That's when I came up with my own spread. Which now I use for a lot of things, including my own hamburgers!  

Fallon's Spread (dip)  
Greek yogurt
Sweet relish
Salt and pepper to taste

I don't use exact measurements, I usually start with a good amount of Greek yogurt since it the base, then add a tablespoon of relish and ketchup. Then I season with a little salt and pepper. Mix it up and taste it. If it not quite like thousand island, then I add more relish and ketchup. I keep adding stuff till I like the way it tastes and the end result should taste just like thousand island dressing!

I think I need a new relish ;)

I used a super lean ground beef which is 96% lean beef. It was also organic and grass fed. You can grill the patties, but I love the flavor I get from them when I cook them up in extra virgin coconut oil. This stuff is amazing. It is a great moisturizer for your hands and face. So while cooking you can moisturize too. LOL. Click here to read some coconut oil health benefits. Click here for other recipes using coconut oil.

I had 1 pound of ground beef, but I was able to get 5 patties out of it, making each patty less then 170 calories each.

I seasoned them on the outside with salt and pepper.
  I loved the sizzle they made as they hit the hot pan.
When I flipped them they had a beautiful crust. That is why I love cooking my hamburgers in coconut oil!
As the burgers were cooking I was getting my ingredients ready. I used organic sprouted whole grain bread. I like the brand Ezekiel made by Food for Life. I gathered romaine lettuce, a roma tomato, onion, and avocado. I found some extra shredded cheese that was barely left, so I added it to my burger.

My favorite bread!
I piled everything on starting with the spread first. Since this stuff makes the burger taste more amazing make sure you add plenty! Then in this order I added the lettuce, onion, tomato, and avocado. Topped the burger last and I was ready to eat!

You will notice I only used 1 piece of bread. I'm not a huge bread eater and I usually eat my burgers like this when I go out, or even no bread. Since the burger was also really high and it be hard to eat, I used a fork and knife. Hey I told you this is my version of an In N Out Burger. My parents also had these for lunch today and they loved them as well!! No one will ever notice you used Greek yogurt or coconut oil. You can be healthy and eat your burger too!

See the spread? Make sure you put plenty on!!!
Have a great weekend! I can't wait to relax by my friend's pool this weekend.



Anonymous said...

In n Out rocks--I miss it a lot sometimes (used to live in L.A.), but you have them beat by a mile!! Love your blog.

Pam said...

I love In-N-Out animal style burgers but yours looks even better.

Louise said...

I came to your blog via Anna's Cookie Madness. I've just scrolled through looking for the sugar cookies you have as the header. I've been on a mission for quite a while to find a recipe for the sugar cookies of my youth and these look like a possibility. Did you bake them and would you share the recipe?

Fallon said...

Those are snickerdoodles! But I'd be glad to share.

Molly Jean said...

That looks delicious! Mmm, my mouth is watering for burgers now!