Friday, July 10, 2009

UFC 100!

I'm a girl who loves the UFC. I grew up watching "fake" wrestling like WCW or WWF. Now it called WWE? Yeah UFC is way better and way better then boxing, in my opinion! When it is just a cage and a ring, it's a real fight and when there is blood that is even better. Tonight my favorite fighter Georges St. Pierre is competing against Thiago Alves. We have to cheer on GSP to win!!! (I started writing this blog entry Saturday morning, I'm proud to say GSP WON! GSP WON! as of last night!)
 Just a little eye candy, but don't let my boyfriend know! =P

Well UFC is more then the fights, it's about the food lately! My best friend, Lyssa and I like to make food for the fights. We call them UFC parties. It is cheaper to order the PPV, get a big group together, and have good food! None of those $8 draft beers or nachos with fake cheese! Lately it seems every big UFC fight we make something. I guess the guys are starting to get spoiled. I say we start charging or put a tip cup out! ;) Well the menu for UFC 100 will be nice. I'm making Venetian Rolled Pizza and a caesar salad that is egg and anchovy free. My best friend is on the desserts this time. She is making original rice krispy treats, Peanut Butter Marshmallow Krispy Brownies from The Cooking Photographer, and then some pretzels with white chocolate and a M&M melted on top. The pizza recipe I had printed out a long time ago. It sounded delicious and so easy to make! I really wanted to get my pizza dough from The Great Bun's bakery, but I had no time. I ended up picking all my ingredients from Trader Joe's including the pizza dough. I use to make my own dough with my father, but we never had luck with the rise. Yeast is always a challenge, and for the event I figured it be easier to find pizza dough already made up. This recipe was very easy to make and I'd make it again. 2 things happened:
  1. It allows for a 25 minute cook time. It looked done, so I let it rest for 10 minutes. I started to cut slices and the dough still didn't looked cook. So I put it back in the oven for another 5-8 minutes.
  2. The recipe says it makes 18-20 servings. Well I was only able to cut 10.25 servings. We had 14 people at this party. It was first come first serve. Luckily some people didn't like spinach, kosher salt on top, or they just didn't want it. So more for the people who enjoyed it!!
I thought it was delicious. The saltiness from the prosciutto wasn't overpowering. The Trader Joe's dough wasn't bad at all! I would buy it again. Next time I make this, I'll make 2 of them so then there will be enough. I may even change it up, use fresh mozzarella, fresh basil and roma tomatoes. That be delicious!

It been forever since I used my pizza stone. 
Make sure to heat it in the oven before placing your pizza on it.

It looked beautiful when I sliced it. See the mozzarella, 
spinach and prosciutto perfectly rolled.
Click HERE for Venetian Rolled Pizza recipe.
As for the Caesar salad, real simple. I just chop up a bunch of romaine lettuce, and toss in the caesar dressing from Trader Joe's. It is in the refrigerator section of the store where the lettuces' are. This is my favorite caesar dressing because it is egg free and anchovy free. Then I finish it with fresh Parmesan cheese. My caesar salad had several compliments. It is probably the most simplest thing I make because the dressing is already made, plus romaine and parmigiana. Easy, delicious and simple. It went perfect with the pizza rolls.

Here is the bottle of dressing, in case you want to pick it up!
Fresh and Delicious.
NEXT!! Dessert. We had original rice krispy treats with either blue or pink sprinkles. My best friend is pregnant with a boy and her friend is pregnant with a girl! I forgot to take a picture of them, but you all know what rice krispy treats look like! My best friend kept talking about these round pretzels. She had to order them special online because she can't find them in stores. She filled them with either white or milk chocolate. She was suppose to top each one with an M&M, but she forgot to pick them up. Either way they were a great snack!

I liked the white ones best!

The best for last, The Peanut Butter Marshmallow Rice Krispy Brownies. These were DELICIOUS! They were creamy, gooey, crunchy, and melted in your mouth. I love the marshmallow layer. Actually, I loved it all that I had to eat two! I think the next time these are made, I would use nutella in place of peanut butter. I love nutella! Click HERE for Peanut Butter Marshmallow Rice Krispy Brownies recipe. 

The chocolate started melting when she tried to cut them, 
so the layers aren't as clean but still tastes delicious! Look at all the 
marshmallow on the corner! Yes, this was mine!
Look at that marshmallow!
Wow this was a long post, but well worth it. I wanted to make sure I touch on everything we made for the party! August 8th is the next one, but I'll be in California on vacation. :(

Have a great Sunday,


Shelby said...

Oh wow ALL the food looks yummy. I'd leave stuffed to the gills if I had been there!

Fallon said...

Yes we always over do it!!