Friday, August 28, 2009

Prepping myself..

So I owe 2 cakes. One for my father and one for my best friend. I was going to wake to do my best friend's cake next week but I figured if I have to do my dad's cake tomorrow and have all my baking goods out, might as well make both cakes and be done with it. So I'm gearing myself up for it. Who else rereads a recipe several times just to make sure you get the process down? You have everything set up when time is ready? It takes me at least an hour to prep everything and make sure I'm ready and prepared! Even then sometimes I'll screw something up. So the cakes I'm baking you ask? Well my father's birthday was back in June and he loves apricot and chocolate. I bought a chocolate cookbook from Borders that had this wonderful recipe called Apricot Sacher Cake. I just googled it and found this lovely website called CakeItaly. Not sure how different it is from my recipe but it always good to compare. Plus that site has a TON of awesome recipes. I'm excited!! My best friend just had her first son, first baby last Sunday!! She asked for a S'Mores cake, like the one I made for my birthday. Remember? Yes she wants that because I gave her a piece from my cake and she loved it! I told her this will be a celebration cake welcoming Mason into our world! I had some problems with the cake last time I made it and now I'm prepared to make the cake slightly different. Which I will share with you when I make it. Who knows, it may fail, but usually when I whip up the egg whites with sugar and fold it into the batter with yolks, it works beautifully! So I'll be busy tomorrow for sure. I guess it good practice for the holiday season coming up! Oh and check this out! Homemade Primal Nutella. So easy and much healthier alternative to the original nutella, although nothing will ever replace the original nutella! I'll probably wait to make the primal nutella, but that is definitely on the top of my baking to do list after I get these cakes done! It Friday night and I'm ready for BED!! At 8:30pm, LOL. Fallon

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Katrina said...

Can't wait to see your cakes! Hope all went well!
And that is awesome about the Nutella. Mmm!