Monday, August 31, 2009

S'mores "Avalanche" Cake

Alright here is my other disaster from Saturday cake baking. First my dad's cake and then came my best friend's cake. Her cake was in honor of her new son Mason. She said she wanted that cake and I said as soon as she is settled at home, she will have cake! I remember the last time making this cake for my birthday the cake layers were very delicate. Putting it on the cooling rack to stacking them are the 2 most difficult things about this cake because it breaks very easily. This time around I decided to save some sugar for the egg whites and whip a meringue to then incorporate into the batter. I thought this would make the cake a bit stronger and not has delicate. Well no, the cake still was delicate. I guess since the graham cracker is the "flour" to the cake it doesn't give off much hold. What is the disaster you ask? Well cake layer 1 went on the cooling rack beautifully. Cake layer 2 literally broke in my hands. I thought it be best to put the broken layer on top and the marshmallow would hold it together. Yeah once the warm chocolate went on top everything starting falling apart. I tried to hold it together with toothpicks. LOL
That didn't help! Look it's a river of chocolate, mmm.
Again I was very upset and agitated. The only way I saved this cake was by wrapping it up in tin foil and straight into the fridge to set over night. The next day I unwrapped it and brought it to my best friend. I warned her that my cake looked prettier than her cake but it tasted absolutely great! She said, "That's okay!" She was just happy to get cake. S'mores Cake!
The chocolate didn't even coat well. I think the heavy cream again had something to do with 2 bad cakes.
Look at that crack down the middle of the cake. Man I just couldn't save that layer.
None the less the cake still tasted amazing. The original recipe comes from Baking Bites, which you can find by clicking this link here. I went over there to also do the Fantasy Football draft and afterward we all enjoyed some cake. Yes I'm doing Fantasy Football and I can't wait! My first time doing it and I'm ready to kick some butt.
Here is a question I ask my readers though. Does heavy cream and half n half make a "huge" difference when it comes to making ganaches? For instance, the S'mores cake I made for my birthday I used half n half in the ganache and check out how beautiful it melted down the cake. As you see above the heavy cream was thicker and didn't melt down the side. I thought it really didn't make a difference? Ok let's hope Fallon doesn't have any other cake disasters for a long time! I need this curse to be done!! Talk to you soon, Fal


Jennifer said...

diaster or not, I can just imagine how yummy it was!! No better way to say dig in! haha :)

Katrina said...

I love the look of that chocolate river before you refrigerated the cake. Bummer about all the travails though. I don't know about your question on cream/half and half. Did you use the same chocolate for both? I wonder if it's different qualities of chocolate. ???
The cake sure sounds yummy! And really--dig in to that baby!

Fallon said...

Well first time I used Milk Chocolate... and this time I used semi-sweet. I didn't want to buy more chocolate when I have several bags in the house. You think that might of been the problem???