Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Apricot- Pecan Thumbprint Cookies

Here is the first cookie I baked for my boyfriend. I thought this be a nice change from a snickerdoodle cookie. I felt like they would be sturdy enough in his package. I used the apricot preserves that I had used for the Sacher Torte cake disaster. It definitely has more chunky pieces of apricot then you would find in your regular apricot jam or jelly. Which wasn't a problem because my solution was to just eat it!

I used half of this jar! 
You can kind of see half an apricot. They were huge chunks, but oh so delicious!
The recipe is a Smucker's recipe and if I didn't have the fresh apricot jelly I had, I would of used their all fruit spread as the middle for these cookies. Surprisingly they have some really good sounding cookie recipes. I had book marked a few for the future! I just decided you can never go wrong with a thumbprint cookie! It reminds me of the holidays. :) Click this link for Classic Thumbprint Cookies. I follow the recipe exactly. It makes 4 dozen cookies but I ended up making mine a bit bigger and had a total of 38 cookies. I also just chopped my pecans by hand, so there was more texture on the cookie by being larger then usual.

Chunky pecans everywhere! I loved it.
I think it enhanced the pecan flavor more instead of being finely chopped and I also had toasted them prior. So far my parents liked the cookie and my best friend did as well who said she isn't a big apricot fan! So hopefully my boyfriend will like them too! Gotta make him a happy man. hehe
So I used a little more then a teaspoon of jelly, hehe!
  Check out that pecan piece! That's what I'm talking about.
  Oops! A little bit of a disaster, but no biggie! Gotta love parchment paper!
  This was a good cookie. No jelly overload!
  I had extra dough and no nuts! Can't let nothing go to waste. My father 
was able to enjoy these because they had no pecans! Yay!
  Cookies on a pretty platter. =P Too bad these were wrapped in plastic and 
wax paper,then put into a plastic Ziploc bag for shipment.
  I saved the pretty cookies for my boyfriend. I just hope they still look 
pretty when he gets them, and to taste good too!
I must say, my food picture taking has become a lot better this last month. I finally figured out some settings with my canon power shot! So now I'm not stressing out on crappy pictures because they look awesome! Today is my DAY OFF! I'm so happy. I just want to be left alone today. Heading to the gym after I post this blog and then gallivanting around town. I have a ton of shows on my DVD-R as well, so I won't have a problem staying busy and a little bit of relaxing today. I baked my boyfriend another batch of cookies that I will share with you soon! These were AHH-MAZING!

Happy Hump Day!


Anonymous said...

They look yummy.

Pam said...

I've never had a cookie like this before - they look so delicious.

Fallon said...

Oh Pam you must make thumbprint cookies!!! I use to eat them when I was younger from a bag that were store bought, the fresh do not compare!

pjcim said...

Hi Fallon,
will you be posting the recipe, the exact one you used, they look so yummy...