Friday, October 16, 2009

Chocolate Caramel Cookie Bites

Here is the second cookie I made for my boyfriend's package. I actually had this recipe bookmarked for a very long time! Kate from A Dash of Sass came up with one of the most brilliant cookies yet. A chocolate sugar cookie dough, that is rolled out, cut into circles and then wrapped around a caramel. Baked in the oven and before you know it, you have this soft, gooey, warm delicious filling oozing out! I'm drooling now wishing I still had one of these cookies to have. I did eat 3 of them when I baked them fresh, I couldn't help myself. ;)

Okay so enough of my chatter and here is the wonderful recipe over on A Dash of Sass for Chocolate Caramel Cookie Bites. Check out the rest of her blog while you are there, she has great recipes. Like her turkey burgers that I've made on my blog

I love the look of the dough rolled into the turbinado sugar. 
They are so pretty, look at them sparkle saying EAT ME! =P
Cookie bite #1. I wasn't satisfied with the picture. 
Good excuse right? So.. what did I do?
Well I had to eat another one making this cookie bite #2.
I was a bit more satisfied with this shot showing off the gooey-ness
These are for my boyfriend, letting them cool 
off before they get packaged up.
So I was tired of rolling and rolling cookie bites. I ended up just making 
normal chocolate sugar cookies. They were really good.
SO GOOD, that I made an extra big one and took an extra big bite! 
I don't know but less then 24hours and this dozen plate 
of cookies was gone. I'll be honest and say it wasn't me!
Some notes:
  • Yes the dough was dry when rolling it out. What did I do? Well I just pat my hands in some water to smooth the dough out. It helped a little bit, but when I tried to cover the caramel the dough would break. Nothing but a little heat from the hand helped it mend together perfectly.
  • I used Kraft caramels. I've never made homemade caramel before, but that actually has been on my baking list for a while. I love fresh homemade caramel. Maybe this holiday I'll feel adventurous because I did buy myself a baking thermometer last year.
  • I'm thinking a marshmallow stuffed in the dough would be really good.
It is Friday and it doesn't even feel like Friday! Maybe because I'm working. LOL. I just worked out and had a nice big bowl of oatmeal with flax meal, honey roasted peanut butter, and a banana. It rocked my socks!

Till next time,

PS: Are you wondering what happen to cookie bite #3? Well I wanted to see how the cookies were after being completely cooled off, and didn't have the camera near me. They were more solid but still soft enough to enjoy. Which is how my boyfriend will be able to enjoy them unless they go stale (which I HOPE NOT!).


Anonymous said...

Do those ever look fantastic!!! What a great idea to sneak those caramels into the middle of the dough. I can't believe you only helped yourself to three!

Robin Sue said...

Fallon these cookies look killer good! Love the gooey caramel. How you holding up girl? Keeping yourself busy so time flies! How much longer?

Fallon said...

Hey Robin! I'm doing well. The time is coming very quickly, he should be here for Christmas and New Years but he hasn't gotten his exact dates yet. Time just FLYING by though and I'm thrilled! It also feels good to hear from him how excited he is to be coming out to see me and his family. I know this will be a great 2 weeks when he is here, I can't wait and I'll keep you updated. :) Thanks for asking!!

Katrina said...

Just caught up on your last few posts--yum--cookies! I want to try the pumpkin biscotti. Love thumbprints. And the chocolate caramel cookies--Mmmm! I've been on quite the caramel kick lately.
Exciting for your boyfriend to come home soon!