Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Can't get enough of pumpkin!

Am I driving you crazy with pumpkin recipes??? I hope not! I have one more after this to share with you and I think I'm taking a break from pumpkin that is. I have some baking I need to get done for my boyfriend's Halloween care package and I can assure you you won't be seeing any pumpkin there! Which I will share with you guys as soon as I find more free time. I wish some could whip me into action to get this package out. I'm being awful about it this month, but I think it because I'm not use to working every day now! So the pumpkin recipe I share with you today is a biscotti recipe.

Last year when I started making my own biscotti I tried many recipes and they usually failed. They failed because the dough was ALWAYS dry. I learned to discover that wetting your hands with water helps to smooth out the log. Without knowing that before hand I used to just buy the Nonnis brand from the store. Which were so good. They had different chocolate kinds and they were just the right size. Not wanting to fail on biscotti baking I came upon Pumpkin Biscotti from Simply Recipes. This was the first biscotti recipe I made where the dough wasn't completely dry and falling apart. Just to form the log smoothly I used a little water, but nothing major. It was a winner!

I love biscotti and this is the time of year where I always want it. It is my all time favorite with coffee or tea! This pumpkin biscotti isn't hard like the other biscottis, but if you leave it out you will find yourself with a hard biscotti! It soft, moist and full of pumpkin spice! I like to keep mine fresh in a ziploc bag or a mason jar. Biscotti always make a nice gift for holiday parties and gatherings too. Enjoy! The recipe can be found HERE.

Ready for the oven! Topped smoothed out with a little water on the hands.
After cooled from the first baking round, cut into 18 pieces. 
Ready to baked for the second time!
Have them lined up like an Army =P
Made a gift for myself. =)
  Smooth lines, delicious dipped in vanilla honey chamomile tea.
That is all for tonight!!


Karine said...

pumpkin biscotti? It is a great idea! It sounds delicious :)

Pam said...

I must try this recipe. I've never made biscotti but I want to now. I love pumpkin anything!

Ashley said...

OH my goodness. I am in love with pumpkin and this is one of the best ideas ever!! Will be trying soon for sure! =)

creampuff said...

Those are lovely, Fallon! Hope your boyfriend enjoys them!

Unknown said...

What a great (October) idea! Love any kind of biscotti and black coffee!

Robin Sue said...

Fallon these look so good. I would eat 2 or 3 with a nice cup of tea!

Shelby said...

Your biscotti look great! I've made this recipe also and loved it!

Stephanie said...

Ahhh i love fall and all its pumpkinny goodness. ive never seen a pumpkin bisotti recipe before.. and i'm totally diggin' it!