Sunday, October 4, 2009

No meat dinner, lets embrace Fall!

I like to eat all kinds of foods. I'm open to everything and my diet is a variety of everything. I just don't like eating fish or seafood. I've tried and I just can't think of swallowing it. I smell something fishy and it just turns my appetite off! I'll only consume foods that make me feel good and work for me. Which may not work for other people and what they eat may not work for me. Everyone's body reacts differently to food. Well the other night my mom was freaking out because we had no protein for dinner, meaning chicken or steak. I said, "would it be awful to just find other alternatives for 1 day. Like eat all veggies and have beans and nuts as your protein supply?" Of course it wasn't good enough for her. When it is Fall all I think about is the lovely colors and the abundance of fruit and vegetables in season. It is hard to explain to someone who thinks animal protein is a must with every meal. She knew my father wanted something with meat as well because it was his day off from work. So I did what was easy, almond breaded chicken. Since I was using egg white and almond meal for the chicken I remembered I picked up an eggplant the other day to make eggplant fries. I saw this on The Inner Workings of a College Graduate blog and it had me drooling. She is so creative in her cooking and it is something I dig, just like her idea to bread chicken with almond flour. Hello.. GENIUS! Of course I did the eggplant first before doing the poultry in the egg white and almond flour.

THE BEST! I already bought eggplant to make again this weekend. 
I like to season the almond flour with salt and pepper, FYI! 
 PS: You need ketchup with eggplant fries, no if's and buts!
Next on the agenda was quinoa. I've been wanting to try this grain for a long time because it gluten free, high in protein and fiber, and cooks relatively fast. Plus it something NEW and new is always fun. On the Pam's blog For The Love of Cooking she also was trying quinoa for the first time and decided caramelizing onions and peppers with garlic would be a good addition to the quinoa. Well she was right, the flavor went well and brought out the quality quinoa produces a little soft crunch. My parents loved the dish and when my dad likes something I know it is good. I used basil instead of parsley because that the only fresh herb I had on hand. Let me just say quinoa makes for a great cold salad ;) You can get the recipe HERE.

Yellow and orange bell peppers are everywhere! 
I like them better then red or green.
The bowl was rather large but it was orange to match my bell peppers. ;)
  I'd never thought I'd be saying food looks beautiful. 
Well this quinoa was colorful and delicious. 
LAST, was roasted yellow beets. I buy my yellow beets from Wholefoods. If you have never had yellow beets roasted before you are missing out and must buy a bunch ASAP! I love them because they aren't messy like red beets, and when you roast them they have a great flavor. I usually will pick up 4 bulbs of the beets and eat most of them with barely any leftovers. I'm telling you.. you won't know when to stop!  

Roasted Yellow Beets By Fallon  
2-3 bunches of yellow beets, cleaned, peeled, and sliced
1 tbsp olive oil
Salt and pepper

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Have a baking sheet ready. Cut the leaves off the beets and peel the skin. You can eat the skin but my mom is picky so I have to make her happy. Next slice the beets in half and cut half moons. This avoids any slipping and cutting yourself. Add to a bowl. Next drizzle a little olive oil on top to coated but not overly coated. 1 tablespoon should be enough, add more if you think it needs it. Then season with salt and pepper. Toss together and lay out evenly on the baking sheet. Put the beets in the oven and after 20 minutes check on them. Toss them around and set back in the oven till they start to brown but do not become burnt. Usually another 5-7 minutes extra. Once done.. ENJOY and you will probably eat the whole tray of roasted yellow beets!

Like jewels on a plate!
Remember I mentioned pumpkin cornmeal muffins I wanted to make with the chili? Well I never made them, I just wasn't in the mood for more bread. Instead I made pumpkin biscotti and I'll be getting that post out sometime this week! I feel like I'm going to turn into a pumpkin. I'm eating pumpkin and at work I'm on the pumpkin team this month. ;)
Speaking pumpkins, Halloween is in a few weeks and I want to get my boyfriend's package out ASAP! He tells me he needs nothing, which doesn't make it easy on me. Any idea for Halloween care packages to Iraq, please comment me! I picked up some candy, a cute Halloween card, I'm going to bake some cookies, and that's all. :( I can't just not send something and I told him that!

Talk to you soon, Fallon

PS: I'm a bit tired so I'm sorry if there any misspelled words or weird sentences. ;)


Shelby said...

My kind of meal! ;-)

Proud Italian Cook said...

Hi fallon, We like eating vegetarian meals a couple times a week here. I love all your dishes you made , and the almond flour idea is brilliant! I have a small bag in my freezer I used for a recipe a while back. Thanks for the inspiration!