Thursday, October 29, 2009

Something Sweet, Something Decadent, Something Chocolate!

Okay enough of the vegetables and delicious healthy food for a moment because I have something amazing to share. I think it is okay to indulge every so often because for me I know I can't wait for my next salad or my next bowl of steam vegetables. I work out hard at the gym 5-6 times a week and I deserve something decadent! It all about balance at the end of the day. Something decadent consists of a brownie, chocolate chip cookie dough and fudge ganache. I call them Brookies, but Betty Crocker likes to call them Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies

I saw this first on Bakerella. I've had this recipe bookmarked since January of this year! HELLO! My stomach acts bigger then it really is. I can look at food all day and talk about it, but I can't eat it all. So I've really been saving that recipe for an occasion. An occasion of losing a bet sadly. This is my first year participating in Fantasy Football. I love it! Any other females playing? I just don't love losing. LOL. So I made a bet with my best friend, husband, friend from work. Phew, that was a mouth full! He loves sweets and knows I like to bake. So the bet was, if I won I'd win $10 and if he won he'd win a delicious dessert. Well I lost by about 4 points and I knew I'd be making a dessert. No big deal because I knew I had a ton of recipes and it gave me a chance to try something new!

That's when I came out with the recipe for the Brookies. It is easy to put together using brownies from a box and the pre-made cookie dough from the bag. It works for big party settings or a quick dessert in a pinch. If I had more time I would make this homemade with fresh fudge brownies and chocolate chip cookie dough, but I think only super special people get that type of dessert. The ingredients in these boxed desserts is quite scary so it is not something I'd recommend to consume all the time. But for the event, the moment it was fine! I used the chocolate ganache recipe from Bakerella to top my Brookies and it turned out to be like fudge. SO GOOD! This recipe is a keeper!

I was holding the camera and pouring= blurry photo! 
It is still cool regardless. I need a tripod!
You can get the recipe HERE or HERE.

Look at that ganache, it is OMG in the mouth. haha
The perfect bite for me!

Some quick tips:
  • To cut them into tiny pieces I would keep the brownies in the fridge to harden them up. Makes for easier cutting.
  • They are best enjoyed at room temperature. They will literally melt in your mouth.
So I have another dessert I'm working on. I'm about done, just need to top it off with chocolate after I make this post. I found it while watching Food Network from last weekend. I had extra heavy cream from the chocolate ganache and I'm not about to just throw out cream, so I used it to make Smoked Almond Turtles.

Bringing them to work tomorrow. I will share the recipe with you soon.



catherine @ said...

Brookies--I love them, and whyowhy didn't I think of that. These are right up my nothing-is-too-rich alley.

Katrina said...

Wow, yum. I've made these, but never with the ganache topping. You had me with the picture showing all three layers!