Sunday, November 1, 2009

Balsamic Chicken with Baby Spinach

Chicken can get boring if you make it the same way all the time. There is just so much grilling, poaching, and baking of chicken that it time for a change! I've cut back on eating meat and poultry and started to incorporate more vegetables and other forms of protein from grains, nuts and seeds. This is something different for me, but I wanted to see if it would work for me. So far it couldn't be better and I feel great. I eat a little chicken or steak here and there but it nothing I need all the time! Anything to help the planet and be sustainable. As for my mom she needs protein all the time. Sometimes I tell her it is okay to eat vegetarian for 1 day, it won't hurt! She doesn't believe me. LOL. So I let her come into my kitchen recently so she could make up this great dinner. I've been way to busy with work and I haven't been able to cook! It is always fun to tell people what to do in the kitchen. =P

My mom recently purchased an Ellie Krieger cookbook, The Food You Crave. I've always wanted this cookbook but most of her recipes are found right on the Food Network website. My mom wanted some new dinner ideas since she is bored with the usual. She came upon a chicken recipe that caught her eye because it sounded delicious and it was really simple. It is called Balsamic Chicken with Baby Spinach. I must say it is absolutely delicious and has an explosion of flavors. You have the tomato and balsamic sauce, that is soaked up on a bed of couscous, or in my case I made quinoa. Then the garlicky baby spinach that was cooked in the same pan of the chicken to soak up those flavors. Yeah it is pretty amazing. It also a healthy meal that family's can enjoy and kids too! It is budget friendly and doesn't take much time to put together either. I say try this meal because it is a good change!

To get the recipe for Balsamic Chicken with Baby Spinach click HERE. The cookbook has some great recipes too. I really liked some of her breakfast recipes that I plan on testing out soon! Ellie Krieger also just came out with a new cookbook called So Easy: Luscious, Healthy Recipes for Every Meal of the Week. If she doesn't pick it up, I may get this as a Christmas present! While mom was cooking I was snapping photos. She was excited I'd be featuring this on my blog. I'm sorry for the poor quality of photos, light just wasn't out much this day.

This is the first step to brown the chicken in the pan. 
Very proud of her. She had all her ingredients ready!

This literally cooked down to nothing! She added extra garlic to fight 
off the flu and it made the spinach taste even better! 
The sauce boiled and she added the chicken back in to get those flavors married.
I requested extra tomatoes on my plate! The balsamic gave the sauce this incredible taste. This is a great ingredient
when you are looking for a change to a typical dish like chicken.

Check out the garlic in my spinach. MMM!

I made the quinoa. I added in some no salt added seasoning Sun-dried Tomato and Garlic. We love quinoa!
My phone was OFF this morning like it usually is and low and behold my boyfriend called me. This is a first so early for me. So he said he'd call me back, I'm still waiting and I want to get to the gym already! I may just go and keep my phone out.

I still have turtles to share with you, maybe tomorrow! I must get going now.

Happy Sunday!!


Shelby said...

Looks like a yummy meal Fallon!

Robin Sue said...

Fallon I get bored with the same ole chicken too. I must be adventurous like you and try some new recipes!

catherine @ said...

I can't tell you how sick we all get of chicken, and this looks like something everyone would love. I hope you got your call....

Katrina said...

Delicious looking dinner! Love balsamic stuff.