Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Smoked Almond Turtles

I've always been a Food Network junkie! I can just watch that channel all day and be completely happy with myself. Sometimes I just leave the TV on that channel just to hear someone cooking, while I'm doing stuff around the house. Some people say, "Doesn't it make you hungry?" It doesn't make me hungry because I just pretend it fills me up. My boyfriend thinks I'm crazy and he can't watch it without be hungry. LOL In reality I've learned a lot of cooking/baking techniques from watching Food Network. Plus what I learned from my father and some close family friends, makes me the home cook I am today! Granted the Food Network recipes listed don't always work for me, but finally the recipe I share today WORKED for me like a charm.

I caught one of Giada De Laurentiis shows one morning and it was for Halloween goodies. She made truffle pops, orange marshmallows, and smoked almond turtles. They are good recipes and easy. I knew I had extra heavy cream in the fridge and wouldn't use it for anything. I didn't want to waste it so I figured I'd baked something sweet and bring it to work for Halloween. I've made truffles before. I wanted to try something different. I bought a candy thermometer last year and never used it. Smoked almond turtles used heavy cream and also needed the candy thermometer to make the caramel. I found my winner! I'm so glad I decided to make the turtles. I was able to practice my sugar melting skills and it was something I've never made before. At my first attempt to melt sugar with butter and cream I aced it! Once it hit 240 degrees I took the pot off the stove, cooled for 30 seconds and then was able to pour the caramel into each mold for the turtles.

I was VERY happy with the results. They were perfect. It was so easy to make that I would easily make these again. My work buddies loved them. My parents loved them. My best friend and her family loved them. I believe the love I put into my baking shows when I'm able to produce a wonderful dessert and everyone appreciates it. It really makes me feel good about myself. These are a winner in my book. You have to make these! Print the recipe out and make them as soon as possible! Bring these to a party because everyone will rave how good they are. They will love you. ;) Thank you Giada!

I love brown sugar! I really love caramel too. ;)

I took a video of the melting action! It was about to hit 24o degrees. Turn it up to hear the sizzzle! Seeing this I'm super proud of myself!

The almonds and the caramel are married. Now they may kiss!
This was my TURTLE!! All MINE!
The gooey caramel was oh- so- good with a topping
of bittersweet chocolate. A winner big time in my book.

These were for work and 12 wouldn't be enough. 
I cut them into 4's so everyone could enjoy a bite.

The next time I make these I will make them in a mini muffin pan, believe it for 24 muffins. That will be perfect for this type of candy. These were just a bit too big! Because I'll eat it all, but if they were smaller I'd be just as satisfied. ;) So my Halloween was at work. I never did get actual "Halloween" candy but I did get fresh homemade turtles. ;)

Have a great night,


Pam said...

Nicely done! The turtles look so rich, chewy and delicious.

Fallon said...

They absolutely were!

Chocolaty Lifestyle said...

I love chocolate and caramel, this must be something super-yummy! I have to try this one definitely! :)

Robin Sue said...

These turtles look the best!! Great job on them.

JA U KUHINJI... said...

mmmm look fantastic...