Sunday, November 8, 2009

Apples, Chocolate, Caramel.. I'm in love!

I love apples. Most importantly I love a good caramel, chocolate covered apple! I've tried several brands but so far I still like the ones from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. I'd still like to try the Mrs. Prindables apples. Those look out of this world! I also recently discovered that my Wholefoods makes their own apples for only $4.99! They make a s'mores that has my name on it for when I'm ready to have a yummy treat! Okay so here is the deal. My mom came home with this HUGE apple from Costco. She couldn't pass it up and I can see why. It looks really good. Right? 

The apple was massive, it looked so good. I kept it in the fridge till I was ready to dig in. I honestly can eat a whole chocolate covered apple by myself, but they are also not usually this large. So I split it with my mom. LOL. I sound so nice ;) When I was ready to cut into it, I made sure to let it sit for about 30 minutes to become room temperature so cutting would be easier. 

Let's just say the apple looked better then it tasted. I wasn't happy with the ingredient list labeled on the container, but that probably the only way to keep these sort of apples fresh for so long in a store like Costco. The apple had an odd taste? Not something I can describe, chemical taste basically. 

I did find my favorite part of this apple. The whole bottom layer was thick chunks of chocolate and caramel! I cut it all around and munched on that. My mom also agreed that it was the best part and the apple pretty much sucked! Has anyone ever made their own caramel, chocolate apples? Any recipes to share I'd appreciate it! I do have this recipe bookmarked from Emeril Live, back in the day. These looked so good when I watched him make them. I'm tempted to make them, but I don't want them around the house. I can EASILY give them away if that is the case. I never have a problem with that. LOL. Or I may just go buy the s'mores apple from Wholefoods, and save the kitchen hassle.

Decisions, decisions!


Shelby said...

Oh yummm. I just don't dare eat anything really sticky/chewy right the midst of a root canal...but I sure would love to! I hear about Mrs Prindables on QVC every year~!

Fallon said...

That where I've also seen them. Waiting for her to come back, I may give in! hehe