Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

With my baby on our first Thanksgiving!
Today is the day, Turkey day! I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving, a great meal, and is able to share it with family and friends. Today I'll be enjoying that moment with my one and only.. mother! Dad has to work but he doesn't seem to mind since he isn't a huge "turkey" fan. I just keep telling him he is missing out on everything else I'm making. ;) I will share everything from today sometime this weekend. I'm going to enjoy my day off because the next 2 days I have to work, and it will be BUSY!!!! Black Friday.. Oi Vay! Everyone has been writing about what they've been thankful. I didn't even ask myself that question till now. I'm thankful to have my health, mentally and physically. I'm thankful I do have some of the best parents a daughter can ask for, and I have the friends I need that are here for me no matter what! I'm thankful that my boyfriend is "safe" in Iraq and will be home shortly, either Christmas Day or in January, I know I'll see him soon. I'm thankful that my boyfriend loves me and misses me, as I do the same for him! In the end, I'm thankful for my life at this very moment. Yes it has it up and downs, but I'm here, healthy and happy no matter what! Since I just started blogging this summer I'll show you a quick recap of my Thanksgiving last year (2008). It was my first Thanksgiving with my boyfriend and I was invited to have dinner with his family. I couldn't come empty handed and I had to bake a cake. I asked our good family friend if we could bake together and make some delicious European/family recipe cakes she has. These are secret recipes which I can't reveal but I can show you the amazement of them.
This is Doina and she is an amazing baker. I've learned so much from her! Not the best picture.
This is a Vasinka Torte. This was my father's cake. It has a walnut sponge cake layer, with a walnut-chocolate, orange zest filling layer in the middle, topped with a caramel meringue. Adding a finishing touch... Caramelized Sugar! THIS WAS AMAZING! Not only was it easy to make but it was a very light cake. Chocolate, walnuts, orange and caramel was a great combination of flavors and taste together. I wish I had a slice to show the layers, but I don't! Dobos Torte! I've seen this cake on several blogs and was amazed people know about this cake. It is AMAZING! 8 layers of a sponge cake, with a butter cream chocolate frosting in between, and the caramelized sugar on top.. AMAZING! This recipe is still different from the ones you see posted online, but they also look like they would taste just as good. This was for my boyfriend's Thanksgiving cake. The cake went well with the entire family! Along with the cannolis. ;) Here is a slice. I wish I could grab it through the screen!!
Both these cakes were worth every single calorie! Happy Thanksgiving! Fallon


Robin Sue said...

Hope you had a great day Fallon. All those desserts look fab! These next days until HE is home will go so fast with so much to do- shopping, baking, etc! Hang in there!

creampuff said...

Wow ... wish I could come to your house for Thanksgiving! Love both the tortes!

Ashley said...

That pie looks amazing w/the caramelized sugar!!! Wow!