Sunday, November 22, 2009

I have a secret!

I feel like a kid again when I'm able to still have secrets. Holding onto secrets always makes me feel like I'm special, but today I'm going to share my secret with you because I feel like it! I recently won my first cookbook giveaway from Cookie Madness. The giveaway was for a new cookbook coming out by Camilla Saulsbury. She's been on Food Network's Ultimate Recipe Showdown and won best cookie recipe! She also has her own food blog, Enlightened Cooking. I usually never win ANYTHING and when I saw an email I won The Ultimate Shortcut Cookie Book, I was smiling from ear to ear. I was so ecstatic. I always wish I would win something and never been that lucky. This contest finally gave me hope in winning for the future! I can't wait. Camilla also has a blog featuring the Shortcut Cookie Book and updates it frequently with TV appearances and recipes!

When I first received the book I was a bit disappointed to find all the recipes either used a boxed cake mix, brownie mix, pre-made cookie dough or cereal. I'm not a fan of the ingredient label you'd find on those typical boxed ingredients from your typical supermarket. I took a chance to study the book and read through some of the recipes. I bookmarked the ones that appealed to me. I still had to give this book a chance because it offered 745 different recipes! That is more then 2 years worth of recipes. Low and behold UFC was coming up and everyone asked if I could bring a dessert. First I said I'm not really in the mood and then I remember of the cookbook and the short cut recipes it offered. Went through the recipes I bookmarked and found the winner. Peanut- Butterscotch Fudge- Filled Bars. What is my secret? Well not that I used a shortcut recipe.. but what I used in the recipe that is a secret. I didn't have any boxed brownies in the house, so I had to go do some grocery shopping. My main grocery shopping is at Trader Joe's. Took a stroll down their baking isle and remember they had boxed mixes. I knew the ingredient labels would be a bit nicer then the ones you'd find at your typical supermarket. They had No Pudge brownies, regular brownie mix, AND gluten free brownies. I put the gluten free brownies in my cart and happily went on my way! They would never know I'd use a gluten free mix, I'd keep it a secret! It tastes just like regular brownie mix but without the stomach ache from the gluten that I tend to have every so often. Hey I have to enjoy it too!

The secret! 
The verdict? They loved them. They were exceptionally sweet but the peanut-butterscotch fudge was the winner. It had the creamy peanut butter flavor with the brown sugar smell of butterscotch. The gluten free brownie crust worked well for this dish because it wasn't as moist, and held the bars well together. These are best at room temperature to enjoy. They only way they will ever find out about this secret is if they read my blog. ;)

These were before going into the oven. The fudge was amazing.  

Layered perfectly, great crumb topping,
and enough for everyone to enjoy! 

You know those candles you buy, and smells like you are baking something?
This was exactly like that moment, except I was really baking!

 So I take back about my disappointment of the shortcut cookie book. I love it! It is one of those books you can pull out, find a recipe, and make up right away when you need a dessert in a pinch. Especially when you are baking for a large party, quick and easy desserts that taste delicious are always a bonus. They will think you spent many hours in the kitchen baking but in reality with prep and cook, one hour later a delicious dessert is done and ready to enjoy! The Ultimate Shortcut Cookie Book makes a great addition to anyone's cookbook library and also a great holiday gift for the upcoming celebrations! Plus the recipes in this book make for some fun holiday baking! I would just like to thank Anne from Cookie Madness for having such a great giveaway, and for the wonderful cookbook Camilla has created. Plus it came autograph which makes it even better! 



Katrina said...

Wow, those look divine! Congrats on your first big win! ;)
Love the "secret".

Robin Sue said...

Have a great Thanksgiving Fallon! Hope you hear from your honey!

Anonymous said...

Um, pretty sure those are insulin worthy!! Great job and Happy Thanksgiving!!