Friday, January 29, 2010

Care Package Time

Another Holiday is upon us. Not like it's a BIG deal but it is Valentine's Day! February 14th is about 2 weeks and some days away believe it or not. I'm really excited not because it Valentine's Day but that my boyfriend will be home sooner, 3 months. I think I've said this numerous times but the time just goes by way too quickly. I've been trying to get together his care package before Valentine's Day because I rather him have it early then late. After this post I'm heading to the post office to send it! I packed all kinds of goodies this time around. Hershey marshmallow hearts, a big Hershey Kiss, real fruit strips, chex mix, his favorite gum,Valentine boxers (hehe), and 2 baked goodies! Oh and one of those Hallmark cards where you can record your voice and then music plays!

The baked goodies are probably the best and I know he enjoys them. He told me that he doesn't share ANY of the baked goods with fellow soldiers, but he will share the store bought stuff. LOL. I always tell him to share if it is too much, so maybe he does? I made simple sugar cookies, cut into shapes and top with red and pink sprinkles. The other item I made was something I came across on Cookie Madness called Oat 'N' Toffee Grahams. I had all ingredients on hand except sliced almonds, no problem but a quick trip to the store! I love to use up everything and then buy fresh once it is all done.

Anna from Cookie Madness has a GREAT blog and some of the best recipes. I'm always looking for something new on her blog, and usually don't have a problem doing so. The Oat 'N' Toffee Grahams came together so easily. They set really well in the freezer for a few minutes, and then just remove from the pan and peel off the foil. They will cut beautifully into squares. Let me just say they are addicting! Something about the graham cracker, toffee and oat mixture, and semi-sweet chocolate makes them so delectable. The oats are chewy but not hard. The toffee is soft and the graham cracker is crunchy. Let's just say everything pairs well together, flavor and texture wise. It is a very different treat but very good! I left a plate for my dad and he finished them all up after work. So I hope my boyfriend likes them just as well! 

Definitely a treat I recommend. It makes a lot so it good for a huge house gathering or even the upcoming Superbowl! I decided these be a cute treat for Valentine's Day. You can get the recipe for Oat 'N' Toffee Grahams on Cookie Madness blog. It was originally adapted from Better Home and Gardens All-Time Favorites 2010 cookbook. I may have to pick this book up. ;) Two days off go by so quickly. I have to get to the post office, 10 minute of abs and yoga today. Come home shower and get ready to go out for a little bit. Whoo HOO for Friday!!!


PS: I will be sharing my sugar cookies sometime at the beginning of next week!


Pam said...

He's going to love his care package - the toffee grahams look amazing.

Jenna said...

Look great! Like the blog!

sharibecht said...

OMHG Fallon those look OUTSTANDING!! YUM! You should make those as a giveaway, hint hint!

What a sweet care package for your BF - that's aweomse!