Friday, January 8, 2010

Still Alive!

Hey guys. This last week has flew right past me. Just came back from the airport an hour ago from dropping off my boyfriend. I can't believe it been 2 weeks? His break went by way too quickly, but now I'm just hoping the next few months go just as fast! It was so nice to have him home and to be with him. I have photos and recipes to share! So stay tune for that. I have to upload and edit them. I also just signed up for Grumpy's Honeybunch email recipe club! I have my first deadline on January 21st to submit a recipe for my favorite chocolate dessert. This will be a tough one, but by writing it out here, I have no choice but to join in the fun! Just wanted to give a quick update and I'll be back soon. After a week of eating out and not really having any gym time... I'm proud to say today I'm starting my "detox." For the next few months I will share recipes that I use all the time and that are healthy. Plus I'll add a dessert here and there because the next best holiday is coming up... Valentines day! Hey Hey it is Friday, meaning the weekend is here!! Which also means I'm about 2 days behind in all my blog reading too. Time to catch up! Fallon


Shelby said...

:-) You are adorable! I can't believe how fast two weeks went by either...I'm in Valentine mode too...but also in Super Bowl mode ;-)

Thanks for mentioning my e-recipe club Fallon & good luck with your recipe submission!

Katrina said...

Glad you had a great time with the BF!

Unknown said...

Looking forward to your favorite chocolate recipe!!!