Monday, January 11, 2010

I Love Gelato

Hey Hey Bloggers! I'm back and today is Monday. I figured I'd start up with some eats I experienced this last week. I started my detox few days ago, basically just cutting out all the sweets and stop mindlessly eating excess foods because I feel like I'm still hungry! I gotta get back to being conditioned like I use to be. I'm up about 3 pounds right now and I'm not very happy about this! Last week my boyfriend reserved a two night stay at the new Aria resort and casino in Las Vegas. It was a great way to spend time together, have fun, and feel like we were somewhere else. Of course we were always walking by the Jean Philippe Patisserie and he knew my mouth was watering for something! Check out this video I found on YouTube. They have gelato, crepe bar, sandwiches, pastries and coffee. I wanted it all but I knew I wasn't going home till I had something. I settled and had the gelato. If you remembered, during the summer on my little vacation to Huntington Beach, they had opened up a new gelato shop near the beach. The owners spent quality time in Italy to produce some of the best tasting gelato at the beach. My dad and I had a cup every day because we wanted to try all the flavors. It been a few months since I had gelato and it was time my friends to experience it all over again. Many flavors to choose from but what really caught my attention was roasted hazelnut. I paired it with regular chocolate, to reminisce nutella. Check out the size of that cup! Definitely not cheap in price but they give you a really nice serving. It was absolutely amazing. I've had Jean Philippe gelato before because he also has a place at Bellagio, which features the worlds largest chocolate fountain. I found a nice video here on YouTube so you can check it out! Anyways, the gelato like I said was absolutely amazing. Not overly sweet, creamy, smooth and full of flavor. The toasted hazelnut actually had roasted hazelnuts throughout the gelato. It was a nice, unexpected crunch. It paired well with the smooth chocolate. Definitely a well deserved treat.
Finally we stopped by the patisserie and I was happpy!
MMM MM Good!
It is Monday but it doesn't even feel like it to me. I'll be back soon with a recipe for waffles! Fallon


sharibecht said...

I'll be in Vegas in April, so I'll have to remember to check out Jean Phillipe! Thanks for the tip!
--Shari B. =)

Fallon said...

Oh yes you have too, he is a well renown french pastry chef. Everything he makes is very exquisite and dainty. Plus delicious. They also make gelato that is sorbeto and is dairy free. They are DELICIOUS!

Robin Sue said...

Hey Fallon,
Glad you had a nice time with your boyfriend, two weeks does fly by doesn't it:-( Happy New Year to you! And I hope you see him soon again.