Friday, February 5, 2010

Check out Heart Healthy Recipes at Big Red Kitchen!

Hey guys. Thanks for all the great comments recently. Love it and I see some new faces which is REALLY cool! As we all know today is National Wear Red Day® to support women getting healthy and fighting off heart disease! If you head on over Robin Sue's blog Big Red Kitchen she has several heart healthy recipes that were submitted from other blogs! Which you will also notice I was featured on there for my Pita Pizza! Check it out, there are some great submissions like the sweet potato with kale and ricotta. Can you believe I've never tried kale? I'm kind of scared of that dark leafy green but I hear great things about it! There is also this recipe for freezer cookies that you should check out. The ingredient list is so simple that I can definitely find time to make some of those and store in the freezer for those emergency sweet tooth cravings! I need to go find something red to wear today! Oh and I just remembered, it's FRIDAY!! Tomorrow morning (Saturday) I'm running my FIRST 5k! It is to sponsor the Make a Wish Foundation and I'll be participating in the Run For a Wish. I didn't set any goals for a time I'd like to make because I don't want to disappoint myself. As long as I cross that finish line I will feel more accomplished and knowing I did something for a great foundation! Lots of great things going on here, I love it! I will update you on my progress sometime this weekend! Have a greattt Friday, Fallon UPDATED: I found a red scarf I own. Accessories count right? ;)


Robin Sue said...

I love the red scarf! How did your 5K go I bet you did great. I am praying for your honey's safety. We are so very snowed in right now. I should use this time to cook and blog!!

catherine @ said...

So nice of you to post about Robin Sue's great post (she's adding my roasted radishes!). Everybody, check it out--so many great recipes! (Love the scarf!)