Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'm back!!

*UPDATE ON BOTTOM* (2-11-10) I will make this short, maybe. ;) I'm currently baking a pie for my parents anniversary! I went to my Baked cookbook and decided it was time to make my first pie. I went with the Tuscaloosa Tollhouse Pie. I changed a few things and I can't wait to tell you about it. Let me just say it is baking in the oven now and it looks AWESOME! It smells really good too. Can't wait to dig into that bad boy later on. Just a quick recap of whats been going on these last few days:
  • My computer CAUGHT a worm. I've never had this happen to me before and was so scared I was going to lose everything. I didn't even download anything. I visited a website I always go to and all of a sudden this "antivirus" which was the worm was downloaded into my computer and started running its own scan. I had tons of warning pop-ups and how I needed to download this program. It was also changed my lovely desktop wallpaper to this scary warning! I'm glad I just needed a system restore and it didn't do any major damage.
  • My internet cable soon after the worm was cleared went out on me. Had the cable company at my house twice in the last 2 days. Looks like the problem is finally fixed because I'm here posting this quick update ;) That was very stressful.
  • Several of you have asked about my 5k experience! Well it was great. I had a lot of fun. My mom also ran it with me! The only downfall was the weather. It started raining just as the race started and then it continued to pour! I was absolutely freezing afterward but I was glad I did it for the kids (Make a Wish Foundation) and myself. I didn't take as many pictures as I wished because I didn't want to run with my camera. Any tips for running and holding my phone/camera? Please just don't say fanny pack ;)
I'm READY!!!
Warming up with a nonfat latte and sprinkle of cinnamon on top! Seattle's Best makes the BEST lattes.
  • Not sure on my official time from the race either. When I passed the line it said 32:07 and that is pretty normal for me. My time has improved tremendously, so I was very happy to see those numbers. Especially with it being cold and rainy! The site apparently has been "attacked" whenever I try to get my time results, so I emailed someone to see if they could guide me in the right direction. I'll keep you posted!
With my mom after the race warming up ;)
I will definitely get that pie post up sometime this week. Looking at it now.. I'm wondering if my crust is even cooked??? Oh oh!!! We shall see what the pie verdict is for later. Thanks for the comments and being patient while I get back up and running. I'm so behind on many of the blogs I read but don't worry, I'm going to catch up right now!! ______________________________ The results finally posted!! I'm pretty happy with my results. I didn't set any time goals for myself, except just to finish the race! I was just training with a treadmill, so to keep my same pace on land I thought was pretty good, especially since it rained the entire race! Can't wait for May 1st to come around for my next race.


Shelby said...

Congrats Fallon!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the great time!! That pie sounds really good- how sweet of you to make it for your parents!!

Pam said...

Great job!!!! Congratulations.

Proud Italian Cook said...

Fallon, Congrat's on you and your mom running together, you both look beautiful! How fun to do it together. I have a son who's in a group called Marathon Maniac's, he's doing 10 marathons in 2010, he just came back from California and ran on the coastal highway.
3 years ago he couldn't even run around 1 block, I wish it rubbed off on his mom! Keep up all the good work, cooking and running!

sharibecht said...

Hi Fallon! Congrats on your 5K - especially for doing it in the pouring rain!
I LOVE that you and your mom did this together! THat's so cool!