Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sugar Cookie Bars

After seeing this recipe for Sugar Cookie Bars on several blogs I finally gave in to make them. These are easy to serve for large crowds and gives you that childhood feeling again. I like when a dessert can take me back in time! Nothing like a thick sugar cookie with a hefty layer of frosting. I opted to make my own frosting. I went with cream cheese frosting because it would make a good contrast to the sugar cookie. Plus it uses real ingredients, and not shortening that is called for in the original. So I of course made a few mistakes. I'm always goofing up something! I used too small of a pan and the cookies were slightly under cooked. I'm not always a perfect baker! At least I'm honest ;) Don't make the mistake I made, make sure you use a the large baking sheet it calls for, I used my pyrex thinking it was the right size. Boy was I wrong! 15 minutes and my bars were still not cooked. So I cooked them longer. I just couldn't figured it out until I finally added the frosting and ready to cut them into squares I realized I probably used the wrong size pan. ;) They were still delicious regardless!

Click HERE for the Sugar Cookie Bars recipe. 

Click HERE for the Cream Cheese Frosting recipe. I can't wait to make these again with zero mistakes. Don't forget about the Cream Cheese Frosting either!

Always, Fallon


Sook said...

Yum, yum! These cookie bars look sweet and delicious!

Bob said...

They look fantastic! I bet the cream cheese frosting was amazing with them. Course, cream cheese frosting is awesome with so many things. ;)

Fallon said...

These are definitely one of those recipes you can't go wrong with! It could even be like a birthday "cake" ;)

Katrina said...

Cookie, frosting and SPRINKLES--they'd definitely be a big hit here!