Monday, August 2, 2010

Birthday Presents!

I had a wonderful week celebrating my 24th birthday. I kept it simple and low key. The kitchen is coming together which I will share with everyone once it is all put together. We just ordered a new kitchen table and a few other items, so I want to wait till it is all done. It is going to look awesome. Along with my birthday we celebrated for everything else that has been going on. We ate at Miller's Alehouse and Lucille's Barbecue. Couldn't of been a better week!
Cap't Jack's Buried Treasure®: Homemade vanilla ice cream cake with Oreo® cookie crust, caramel, chocolate fudge & heath bar crunch.
I received some great gifts this year and I wanted to share them before we get to the good stuff. Like cupcakes. ;) My best friend gave me a gift card to my new favorite sandwich place, Hougan's Racing! Can't wait to get some use out of that one! You can check out my review HERE. My boyfriend told me to send him 3 things I wanted for my birthday and he'd decide what to get me. Well honestly I don't know what I want! I really didn't know what to ask for so I sent him a list of 5 different cookbooks I've been meaning to purchase. I was pretty surprised to find he picked out 3 for me. I've already finished reading Skinny Italian and been going through Clean Food. I'm loving some of their summer salad sides! Baking Illustrated is a lot more text and detail that I can't wait to study up on. Let's just say I'll be keeping myself busy! My parents hooked me up this year with jewelry! My favorite. My aunt last Hanukkah started me off with a charm bracelet by Thomas Sabo. He is a German designer that has a wicked mind when it comes to creating charms and jewelry pieces. The charms are small and unique. His charms are meant to be personalized to each individual. My aunt started me off with a heart with love engraved in the middle. For my birthday my mom decided to add a charm to my bracelet.
I love personalization.
Last which I did not picture but I really needed. A good chain for a diamond pendant my boyfriend gave me last Christmas. You can scroll down to see it at that link. The chain it came with was very annoying, it would spin around and the pendant would get caught in the clasp and sometimes I'd have to tug to get it out! Well problem solved when my dad said that a new chain be a present from him! It is a beautiful white gold wheat chain, that pairs perfectly with the pendant! My birthday might of been small and low key; I could feel the love and that all that matters! Come back to check out C U P C A K E S sometime this week! Always, Fallon


PB&J Time said...

So glad you had a great day... looks like you got some YUMMY presents! :] said...

Happy birthday, Fallon!! :)

That Oreo cake.. OMG! Swooooooooooon

Very nice birthday presents. I've been thinking about cookbooks lately, I'm interested in that Skinny Italian one. Italian food <3