Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hougan's Racing

Lately I've been on a sandwich kick. I'm not huge on sandwiches, especially the kind you'd make at home. I just think they always taste better out. Go figure!About a month ago my best friend mentioned to me about this place that makes the best Philly cheese steak sandwiches. My boyfriend ordered one at some bar we hit up late one night and that is when my best friend told us about Hougan's Racing Sandwich Shop. Up until recently I've finally had the chance to check out this place, thanks to having no kitchen for an entire week!
The turkey was not salty, very flavorful and moist! Very important factors when eating fresh turkey.
Not only do they make the best Phillys but they have fresh turkey! I'm the fresh turkey sandwich kind of girl. That was exactly what I ordered too. It is hard to find a good sandwich shop that uses all fresh ingredients, especially when it comes to the proteins. When I was younger, we had a really good Jewish deli in town and guess what I used to order.. The fresh turkey sandwich. It was good but Hougan's was amazing! The place is ran by a mother/daughter team. They are very friendly and make a great business with their sandwiches. They have a wall full of photos, that include some local celebrities! My best friend's son is very popular there too. His smile gets him anything. ;) Their smallest sandwich is a 9in. I usually eat a 6in type of sandwich, so I figured I'd save half for later. Well half a sandwich went down and I was still hungry. Yes, I ate the entire 9in sandwich. It was just way too good. The hot and sweet peppers sealed the deal on this bad boy. I didn't have to eat dinner that night either! Maybe some chocolate ice cream came across my lips though. :X
I love a good, doughy, fresh bread. I was MMMing my way through this sandwich.
I had mustard, lettuce, tomato, onion, hot and sweet peppers, pickles and vinegar/oil blend.
I've already been back to the sandwich shop for their salad with fresh turkey. Actually my mom brought me this salad for my lunch at work, which was really sweet of her! I'll be seeing more Hougans in my life that is for sure! Thanks for finally bringing some good food to Las Vegas! If you are ever in Vegas, I definitely recommend you stop by for a Philly or a fresh turkey sandwich! Always, Fallon


Bob said...

Ok, that looks awesome. I love sandwiches, they're totally my favorite thing.

Shelby said...

Yum, I love good soft fresh sandwiches like this!