Saturday, July 24, 2010

Under construction!

Hello!!! So I have some really exciting news to share, but with all good news comes a little bad news. First the good news. You maybe asking why I put that big yellow construction sign up. Well it is because we are re-doing our kitchen! Yes. We are putting in granite, getting a new stainless steel sink and faucet, and a brand new kitchen table. I'm so excited. It is going to change the entire face of the kitchen and spruce up the house. This has been in the works for a while and now it is finally happening. I took some before photos and once the new kitchen is finished I'll be posting the final result. Before:
Those nectarines are SO good! The broken tile on the kitchen island Oops! Counter space Along with my green smoothie ;) It was delicious. Sink This really needs a face lift!
We've been in this house for 20+ years. It is definitely time to start remodeling. I can't wait till the kitchen is actually done, just 1 week to go. Okay and for the bad news. Well if you know me, you know I don't like to eat out all the time. I feel it is for special occasions and plus it can get really expensive. Well the plumber took out the sink and it isn't safe to use the oven, so I can't cook or bake! This is going to be the hardest struggle for me because I depend so much on fresh fruit and veggies everyday. I love to cook extra and be able to take to work with me. Plus we can't dirty up the dishes because there is no where to clean them, so it is paper plates and plastic utensils. I'm thinking a lot of Subway will be consumed this week, and some Wholefoods salad bar. YUM! If you have ANY food suggestions that are quick and healthy leave a comment. I'm already planning on a lot of overnight oats, PB&J sandwiches, yogurt, fruit, bagged salads, nut butter, cereal, and protein powdered drinks with juice and/or coffee. See you soon with a new kitchen!! Fallon


Bob said...

I'm jealous of the before kitchen, I can't wait to see it redone.

Hm... I know a few quick recipes, but I don't think any of them are healthy. In fact, I have a hard time thinking of any healthy recipes off the top of my head. And I wonder why I can't lose those last 15 pounds. Heh.

Fallon said...

Haha!! Wait till you see this 9in roasted turkey hoagie sandwich I had for lunch today. I think it covered my dinner too. I'm stuffed!! I didn't know I could eat a 9in sandwich.