Thursday, November 4, 2010

Caramelized Onion Dip


I’m very proud of myself because this was my first attempt ever at properly caramelizing onions. I used enough oil to make sure the onions would not dry out quickly and burn. On a low heat and stirred every so often. In 50 minutes l had caramelized onions. It was worth it all the way!


Lots of onions make me cry. ;)


I was in charge of making a dip and bringing it over for a UFC PPV night. My best friend mentioned an onion dip be good. You know me, I rather make something truly homemade then buy it store bought. Especially buying said Coniondip2onion soup mix with a tub of sour cream. Plus if I can make it healthy and and taste delicious, I’m all for it. Even if the people eating the dip do not care, I know the dip was made with good intentions.

I found the Caramelized Onion Dip at 101 Cookbooks. I don’t think I’ll ever try another recipe because this was spot on perfect. The best advice was adding dehydrated onion flakes to the dip to give it that authentic onion dip flavor.Try this out at your next party. With the leftover dip it makes a great sandwich spread as well. Leftover steak+ onion dip= Amazingness.


I served my dip with some huge tortilla chips but potato chips with ruffles are always fun too!

To get the recipe for Caramelized Onion Dip click this link HERE.




Tara said...

Yum yum!!!!

Lisa said...

This sounds like the ultimate onion dip with all those beautiful caramelized onions to really give it flavor. I've learned a tip for preventing crying while cutting onions. You put a piece of bread between your teeth so that it sticks out of your mouth. It'll absorb the onion fumes as you chop and your eyes will be tear free. Thanks for entering my giveaway.

Fallon said...

That is a really awesome tip. Thank you!

Diana's Cocina said...

Sounds wonderful!