Monday, November 15, 2010

Linguine with Spinach Sauce

Holidays are coming and I’m going through all my recipes I’ve printed out and stored in a binder. Time to find those holiday cookies, cakes and candies. Yikes, just thinking about that is making me feel 5 pounds heavier! Luckily in the miss of all the sugar, butter and flour I came across a recipe I’ve never tried! Giada De Laurentiis Penne with Spinach Sauce. Such a simple recipe and I had everything in my fridge. I love when that happens.


The best gourmet pasta ever!

Back in September when I visited my boyfriend in Texas, we went to a wine tasting event and I purchased some homemade pasta by DeCio Pasta. I picked up their top seller, spinach basil garlic linguine. I remember it being delicious and flavorful. You don’t need anything fancy for this pasta. I decided I wanted this pasta instead of penne. After mixing everything up, I realized the contrast in color was very green and not as appealing. For the taste factor though, it was AMAZING! I felt very healthy eating all this green and not guilty at all that it involved pasta. ;)


The beautiful sauce.



Pasta water is your best glue for making a sauce stick like this one. Blended in a food processor, the spinach sauce comes together quickly. This was a perfect meal right before heading into work. I like anything quick, healthy and delicious!



I followed the recipe exactly, except using different pasta! Click HERE for Penne with Spinach Sauce or in my case linguine. ;)

Buon Appetito,



Zoe said...

sometimes look is not everything, the taste is important. From your decription, I can see how great is the sauce...I must try making this for my family :D

The Duo Dishes said...

Beautiful sauce! We played around with a veggie-based sauce and look forward to sharing it soon. It's a good way to use up veggies that are laying around.

Robin Sue said...

I love spinach and this is a great way to enjoy it. Looks great!