Friday, February 25, 2011

Cinna- Peanut Butter Fondue


I decided to enter in The Great Peanut Butter Exhibition recipe contest. The decision was simple. I love peanut butter and the prize is really nice! Peanut Butter & Co makes some of the best peanut butter I’ve tasted and winning six jars would be amazing! In order to win I had to come  up with a fabulous recipe where peanut butter has been heated through somehow or by adding some extra heated spice! I thought about it, I dreamed about it and I finally came  up with a recipe that was somewhat healthy, exciting and would be delicious. Cinna- Peanut Butter Fondue. The peanut butter is melted in a mixture of coconut milk, maple syrup, brown sugar and peanut butter chips. I spiced it up by adding cinnamon and a little salt to bring out the peanut butter flavor.

The best part was tasting the fondue with all the different dippers like pretzel rods, green apples, bananas, marshmallows and honey graham crackers. I then decided to test it out on top of homemade vanilla ice cream as well and it was over the top delicious! Each dipper brought out the fondue to a whole new level. My favorite was using the pretzel because the crunch and salt went well with the sweet cinnamon and creamy peanut butter. This is a great snack to enjoy with the kids after school or make it into a fondue party!


Cinna- Peanut Butter Fondue By Fallon         Ingredients

1/4 cup coconut milk (any milk of choice)

1/2 cup creamy peanut butter

1/2 cup peanut butter chips

1/4 cup light brown sugar, packed lightly

1/4 cup pure maple syrup

3/4 tsp vanilla extract

1 tsp ground cinnamon

Dash of salt

Dippers: green apples, bananas, marshmallows, pretzel rods, honey graham crackers, dark chocolate squares, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, snickerdoodle cookies, cheese cake bites etc.


Directions                                                                                                                              In a heavy saucepan, cook and stir over a medium-low heat, coconut milk, peanut butter, peanut butter chips, brown sugar, maple syrup and vanilla extract. Stir until everything melts and becomes smooth. Add in salt and cinnamon; continue to stir. After 6-7 minutes and mixture is completely smooth and creamy, transfer to a fondue pot or miniature ramekins.    7-8 servings (2-3 tablespoons each)

PBFondue2 PBFondue3 PBFondue5          PBFondue6 PBFondue7PBFondue17 PBFondue8 PBFondue9 

This is when it got dangerous AKA topping for vanilla ice cream!

PBFondue11 PBFondue12  PBFondue14   PBFondue13

I can’t wait to see all the other fabulous recipes and what competition I’ll be up against! Wish me luck!!!



Katrina said...

Okay, YUM!!!!
I love that instead of just dipping things in the fondue, you ended up just pouring it over a bowl of stuff. Looks really good, Fallon!

Fallon said...

I think every night this week I've had ice cream with peanut butter fondue drizzled on top. I love the leftovers ;)

Anonymous said...

Fondue is amazing by itself... but my heart has a special little place for peanut butter. I want this - NOW!

Lyssa said...

you are so talented best friend

Shelby said...

Oh Fallon, I would be wanting it on top of ice cream too! Looks yummy! Good luck!

The Food Hunter said...

I like the idea of peanut butter fondue.