Monday, April 4, 2011

Food and I

I recently just came back from Las Vegas to visit my family and friends. I was editing photos and noticed when I eat something or drink something I want to take a picture with it! I was inspired to create this post of pictures of myself with food because well I’m quirky like that! Some I share with family and friends and it brings back memories of that time. It is great how food can bring people together!

I’m currently driving my way through Texas or I’m somewhere in Mississippi trying to get to Augusta, GA! Do you do the same thing I like to do? Any good memories of meals you had?

Birthday24-13Cupcakes for my 24th birthday at Caked!


Angel14Haze nightclub in Las Vegas.

Angels3Beer at my very first Angel’s game!

HB2010-19Frozen yogurt at an Angel’s game!

NYE2010-4Family style dessert platter at Maggianos!


Sandy2yr-1Skinny Margaritas with my mom!


Vaca25The best frozen chocolate covered banana!

Graduation09- 50College graduation.

BH12      Sprinkle Cupcakes in Beverly Hills.      

BH1Lunch with my Cousin in Beverly Hills!

Summer14  Mango Martini’s at HB!

Dinner2910-12 His first meal I made him when he was back from Iraq!

NYE09- 1 Our first New Years Eve, 2009!

Sammy3 Showing my cousin the best gelato in Las Vegas, Jean Philippe @ Aria.

Home1 Sparkling sangria at Firefly in Las Vegas.




Birthday23- 1 Made my 23rd birthday cake, S’mores cake!

Stomp4 Cocktails with my late Aunt. Love you!

RunWish4My first 5k in the rain with my mom.

Twentyone- 7 My 21st Birthday!

I honestly have MORE pictures to share but these are some of my favorites. This started way before I began my blog almost 2 years ago. I guess it was all meant to be.

It was definitely a nice walk down memory lane. I’m glad I have these moments to cherish forever. Good times, good times!

Please share your good times with me too!



The Food Hunter said...

Loved looking at all your photos. Thanks for sharing...I do the same thing

Shelby said...

Love all your photos Fallon! Thanks for sharing!

Robin Sue said...

Fallon I loved this post! It's like you could be America's food model! So now you are in Atlanta. I can barely keep up, but the cool thing is, you keep moving closer and closer to me!