Friday, April 29, 2011

Three Years To Remember

Boy has this been a busy week. We were very lucky on Tuesday when we had a surprise phone call that our household goods could be delivered a week early. SCORE!!! Now the fun part is unpacking everything and trying to get back to normal. We had our cable installed the other day and I’m still getting use to watching TV again. LOL. I really don’t miss it after not having it for so long. Weird huh?

I’m also back at work and getting use to “working” again. I’m glad it is the weekend, I need rest. Looks like I’ll be pretty busy there, so I’ll have to figure out a way to keep up with my blog. I love this baby and I don’t want to neglect it!


On the 26th (few days late) my dear Aunt Sandy passed away. I posted a little tribute about her 2 years ago, you can check out this link here and check out the video I made! Whenever her anniversary comes around I like to do certain things to honor her in my memory. My aunt was FULL of life. She was like a ball of fire and she always encouraged me to do the same. She wanted me to get out of my comfort zone and just enjoy life. I always think about that and tend to be pretty spontaneous.

Like today. I woke up in the 3 am hour this morning, worked for several hours and was off of work before noon. Who can sleep now?? I have this cool app on my droid phone that will locate places that have been featured on TV shows like Man Vs. Food, Diners Drive-ins and Dives, Throw Down with Bobby Flay and so on. Luckily being in Augusta, GA I have access to good southern food and desserts! Does anyone remember the carrot cake Throwdown featuring Very Vera? You can watch the actual Throwdown here if you can’t remember. Well that was the ONLY place that popped up that was in Augusta, GA. Bummer… Yeah right!!! After work I went to Very Vera to try some carrot cake. It was a short ride, 8 minutes. They just opened about 30 minutes ago, so it looked like they had a lot going on. I was greeted but not very friendly, IMO. There was a selection of pre-sliced cakes to buy and then towards the back were refrigerators with her cafe food you can take home and some cakes. I was too early to dine in the cafe since it wasn’t open yet but I really just wanted some cake. Although the onion dip sounds tasty! Next time.

I picked out the famous carrot cake and a slice of double chocolate layer cake. I was going to get a chocolate chip cookie but my self control kicked in. With my purchase I was given a free bag of cake scrapes! I asked her what people do with it and she mentioned ice cream. This could be dangerous since I decided to try her red velvet. I think my aunt would of been proud of my selection since she is a huge chocolate lover and no one can deny carrot cake. She might just be disappointed in the cake slices but after tasting how rich they are, the small size is appreciated!

Overall I really enjoyed the carrot cake. It was not overly sweet, great texture from the carrots, coconut and raisins. The cream cheese frosting was just perfect. Oh and the cake was VERY moist. Delicious. I’m a huge fan of all the texture this slice of cake had to offer. As for the chocolate cake it looked a lot better then it tasted. I mean it tasted like chocolate but it was a bit dry and the icing was too sugary for my liking. I’m more of a butter cream or cream cheese frosting kind of girl.

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My boyfriend ended up liking the chocolate cake. Who knew he was a fan of chocolate cake? I was more then happy to enjoy the carrot cake, my favorite by far. My boyfriend who doesn’t like coconut, said it was good carrot cake.

And those red velvet scrapes… well I couldn’t help but have some while driving home this morning. My morning snack, with an iced coffee!!

After all said and done I know Sandy would approved. Boy do I miss her so much!!

With love,



Shelby said...

I am sure your Aunt Sandy approved! :) That cake looks yummy. Grumpy's favorite is carrot. I'd probably go chocolate. :)

Robin Sue said...

What a sweet tribute to your Aunt. I have an Aunt Sandy too, but it was her husband Carl to go first. So incredibly sad- he was an Elvis impersonator- what great memories! I have got to get that app, does it work for iphone, what is the name of it?